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A 41-year-old Woman Discovered Dead in Her Roseville Home Has Been Identified; a Homicide Investigation is Ongoing

According to the Placer County Sheriff’s Office, an investigation is now being conducted after the body of a lady was discovered early on Wednesday morning inside a residence. According to the sheriff’s office, deputies responded to a 911 call that was placed just after midnight at a residence located on Livoti Avenue in Roseville.

Authorities Have Identified the Body of a 41-year-old Woman Found in Her Roseville Home, And A Homicide Investigation Is Currently Underway

Officials stated that when deputies entered the home, they discovered a woman who was 41 years old and had passed away. On Thursday, the office of the county coroner provided her name as Erica Marie Wright.

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According to the investigators, the death of the woman was investigated as a possible homicide. Even though there was another person present in the house at the time the woman was discovered, investigators do not think that individual to be a suspect, according to the authorities.

A 41-year-old Woman Discovered Dead in Her Roseville Home Has Been Identified; a Homicide Investigation is Ongoing

There were also Kevin Kiley and Kermit Jones. Candidates for Congress During the debate to represent Roseville, Rocklin, and Lake Tahoe, Kevin Kiley and Kermit Jones exchange barbs with one another. The authorities initially stated to KCRA 3 that a weapon had been discovered at the residence, but they afterward stated that no weapons were discovered.

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KCRA 3 heard from residents of the generally peaceful area who said they were astonished by what had taken place. According to Serena Christopher, who lives immediately next door to the location where the woman’s body was discovered, the deceased woman and her family had resided in this house for a number of years.

Christopher expressed his desire for clarity by stating, “It’s just incredibly scary and unnerving, and we want to know what occurred.” “We just can’t wrap our heads around the fact that someone we know has passed away in such a gruesome manner.”

Teams from Placer County Search and Rescue were also in the area on Wednesday, canvassing the community for evidence or anything else that would lead investigators to the identity of the person(s) responsible for the crime. Their base of operations was established on the driveway of their neighbor Michael Obermark.

When asked about the people that parked there, Obermark stated, “I don’t mind.” “They are obligated to carry out this task. It is impossible to predict what they will come across.” According to the officials, a suspect has not been found at this time.

Deputy sheriffs are currently reviewing security footage in an effort to identify a suspect. The sheriff’s office stated that the deputies do not feel the area is in any ongoing threat; nevertheless, it is unknown whether the woman was the intended target of the attack.

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