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A Blood Trail Near the Missing Person’s Automobile According to Family Members Virginia’s Father Led Them to Adjacent Woods

According to relatives, the family of a Virginia father who went missing days before Christmas discovered a blood trail leading from his abandoned car to adjacent woods. Jose Guerrero’s girlfriend reported that a “large amount of blood” was discovered in the backseat of his abandoned Hyundai two days after his Dec. 21 disappearance in Woodbridge, 23 miles south of Washington, D.C.

The Prince William County Police Department’s First Sgt. Jonathan Perok declined to comment on the discovery, saying in an email that the agency will provide “relevant details as needed” to aid in what it previously described as an inquiry into Guerrero’s mysterious disappearance.

“Our message has been and continues to be that anyone with knowledge should come forward,” he said. Guerrero’s girlfriend, Sheila Perez, said he didn’t say what he was going to do before leaving, but that he promised her he’d be back in five to ten minutes.

Perez, Guerrero’s 10-month-old daughter, said she reported him missing when he didn’t return. According to Perez, the family later discovered his automobile less than two miles from his home. “My son would never injure someone,” Guerrero’s mother, Andrea Salgado, said. “We didn’t have a Christmas. There was no revelry. We were in mourning for my son.”

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Perez accused the Prince William County Police Department of failing to take her missing person complaint seriously, accusing authorities of presuming he’d gone away “or some other explanation,” she said. “That isn’t the issue here,” she clarified. “This is grave.”

Perak stated in the email that when Guerrero, 20, was first reported missing, there was no evidence that he was in danger. That changed on Friday night when his car was discovered and “new information was learned,” according to Perak.

“We’ve been working on this case nonstop since the weekend,” he said. “We’ve performed several searches and followed up on numerous leads that haven’t resulted in his location. What we require right now is information and collaboration, which we have not received in full from people associated with Jose.” Guerrero’s family is also looking for him in the region where his car was discovered. “I shouldn’t be looking for him here,” Perez muttered as he searched the woods. “We ought to be at home.”

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