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A ‘bomb Cyclone’ is Expected to Reach the United States, With Temperatures Dropping to -38 Degrees Celsius

In the midst of one of the most hazardous holiday travel seasons the United States has seen in the last several decades, thousands of flights had to be canceled and homeless shelters are at capacity. Temperatures have dropped by as much as 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius) in a matter of hours in several locations, and forecasters are warning that a “bomb cyclone” is on the way, which could make the situation even direr before Christmas.

Ashton Robinson Cook, a meteorologist for the meteorological service, stated on Thursday that the cold air was traveling through the center of the United States toward the east and that a windchill advisory would affect around 135 million people over the next several days.

 About the latest forecast update from Met Eireann, which comes as heavy rain continues to batter the country ahead of a possible wet Christmas. In locations such as Des Moines, Iowa, the temperature will feel like -38 degrees Celsius, making it possible for frostbite to occur in little than five minutes.

After receiving a briefing from several federal officials on Thursday in the Oval Office, Vice President Joe Biden warned the American people, saying, “This is not like a snow day when you were a kid.” “This is some really serious business.”

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Near the Great Lakes, meteorologists anticipate the development of a bomb cyclone later on Thursday night and into Friday morning. This type of storm occurs when the pressure in the atmosphere decreases very quickly during a powerful storm. This will exacerbate the blizzard conditions, which already include strong gusts and snow.

On Thursday, temperatures were forecast to rapidly drop in Texas; however, state administrators assured residents that there would not be a recurrence of the storm that occurred in February 2021, which knocked down the state’s power grid and was held responsible for the deaths of hundreds of people.

At O’Hare International Airport on December 22, 2022, in Chicago, passengers wait in line to check in for their flights at the United Airlines Terminal 1 in advance of the Christmas Holiday. O’Hare is located in Chicago. Authorities in other parts of the United States were concerned about the possibility of power outages and urged residents to take safety measures to safeguard vulnerable populations, such as the elderly and the homeless, as well as livestock, and to delay travel plans if at all feasible.

Customers of certain utilities were encouraged to reduce the temperature of their thermostats in an effort to save electricity. According to the tracking website FlightAware, as of Thursday afternoon, more than 2,156 flights had been canceled either inside the United States, into the United States, or leaving the United States. Additionally, airlines have canceled 1,576 flights scheduled for Friday. The most significant number of flight cancellations was reported by airports in Chicago and Denver.

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