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A Cable Repairman Allegedly Assists a Suspect in Hiding from Cops, but an Onboard Camera Busts Both

It is alleged that a cable repairman on Long Island helped an armed suspect hide out in his company van from law enforcement authorities who were searching for him. But the fact that they made that decision is also what led to both of them being detained, which was due to the fact that the work vehicle they were using contained a camera that captured their entire chat.

A Cable Repairman Is Accused of Aiding A Fugitive in Evading Police, But They Are Both Exposed By A Hidden Camera Aboard The Police Boat

On June 22, a dramatic escape from the custody of the Suffolk County police was caught on camera. Officers who were conducting surveillance as part of an investigation into a shooting that was unrelatedly contacted the suspect, Borndivine Jackson, when she was in the parking lot of a deli in Shirley. Jackson, who was 26 years old at the time, started to run.

According to the District Attorney for Suffolk County, Ray Tierney, “While he was attempting to elude the police, he went through a wooded area and threw away a gun before emerging from the other side of the woods and entering a residential neighborhood.”

In that neighborhood, Jackson came upon Danyel Anderson, a person he knew, who was operating a van for Optimum Cable. Danyel was delivering cables. After Anderson instructed him to get in the back of the van, he and his companion continued their conversation in a manner that was quite open and honest, without appearing to be aware that it was being filmed.

Jackson was explaining that the cops were looking for him after they noticed his pistol while the camera was set on a tripod and filming him. It is possible to hear him saying this from the rear of the van as Anderson drove it while he was in the front driving it. “The only reason they got out [of their car] is that they saw me put my grasp on my waist,” he said.

A Cable Repairman Allegedly Assists a Suspect in Hiding from Cops, but an Onboard Camera Busts Both

“[I was] going to go in the store, so I assume they thought I was trying to rob that s—t or something,” I said. “[I was] about to go in the store.” After that, Jackson placed a call on his cellphone and requested that the other party on the line locate the firearm before the authorities could do so. He went into detail about the appearance of the weapon as well as the place where he had hidden it.

“It turned out to be a ghost gun. That wasn’t meant to be in my possession, “He relays the information to the other party over the phone. At the Home of Cardinal Timothy Dolan in Manhattan, a Wrench Was Thrown Through the Glass Door.

Jackson was thanked by Anderson once he arrived at Mastic after being driven there by Anderson. After then, the cable repairman spoke with a friend on the phone and detailed what had just taken place. “To be honest, at first I had no idea who was talking to me. I was like, “Oh, I’m just trying to assist this [censored] out, whatever he needed to o because like I’m, I ain’t had no work right now,” and that was exactly what I was doing. I was required to wait till 2:00 “he utters when we are on the phone.

After that, Jackson was taken into custody and is now being charged with weapon possession. Anderson is in legal trouble because of his assistance to Jackson. Anderson has been a Marine in the reserves for the past two years, according to his attorney, who stated that Anderson’s father and girlfriend were in the courtroom to show their support for him.

According to his attorney, Natasha Bellinger, “He has no prior convictions and at this moment he maintains his innocence.” Jackson’s bail was set at a monetary amount of one million dollars. He might be sentenced to between 5 and 15 years in prison at the very least.

According to the statement made by the district attorney, Anderson was let go from his position at Optimum and was placed on supervised release. Should he be found guilty, he may be sentenced to a maximum of four years in prison.

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