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A Father Has Been Charged in the Death of His 5-month-old Daughter

Adam Garcia, 24, was arrested and charged with child abuse resulting in death on Wednesday evening at the Metropolitan Detention Center. Trinity Garcia, Adam’s five-month-old daughter, was the victim. The baby’s mother brought her to UNM Hospital on Feb. 13 with a brain bleed, breathing problems, bruising on her face, and a strange hard spot on her skull, according to the criminal complaint.

According to the mother, Adam had been staying with the family, but she never let him be alone with her children after an incident in which he used one of the children to cover himself from police. Adam indicated in the lawsuit that Trinity’s two younger siblings, ages four and two, may have caused the injuries. Just two days later, police received word from CYFD that Trinity was unlikely to survive her injuries.

Officers discovered text messages sent by Trinity’s mother to Adam the following month: “You murdered my daughter.” This week, I have to remove her from life support.”You’ll never be forgiven for this.”Good luck tomorrow, you’re in for a harsh awakening.” Trinity died five days later, on March 16. According to the autopsy report, her cause of death was a homicide due to blunt head trauma.

A Father Has Been Charged in the Death

More than six months later, Adam was arrested. The state argued that Adam should be held in jail until his trial because he is a danger to the community. According to the pretrial detention request, “he murdered his own newborn daughter.” He clearly has no regard for the safety of others.” The matter has been transferred to the district court. A judge will then decide whether Adam is released before his trial. The hearing is scheduled to take place over the next several days.

According to the arrest report, Escobar claimed to police he was up all night playing video games and went to sleep when his mother left for work. Escobar told police that when the mother departed for work, he smoked two bowls of marijuana, gave the infant a bottle, and then lay him in bed on his stomach.

The baby reportedly fell asleep at about 12 p.m., and Escobar noticed the baby wasn’t awake and was in the same position at 4 p.m. According to the report, Escobar told authorities that he saw the kid wasn’t breathing. According to the police report, both parents stated that the youngster was healthy previous to his death.

The baby’s system included generic Benadryl, according to the coroner’s toxicology findings. According to police, a bottle of the prescription was discovered in the house, but it was out of reach of the youngster and the baby couldn’t crawl to access it.

According to the arrest report, both parents denied giving the baby Benadryl. Benadryl is not prescribed to children under the age of four, according to police. According to the police report, the mother stated that she purchased Benadryl for Escobar due to his allergies. Escobar denied ever administering the medication to the baby. According to court records, Escobar is being jailed without bail.

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