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A Man Claims That While He Was Attempting to Elude a Potentially Deadly Pursuit, Deputies Wounded Him

Deputies reportedly detained and injured a bystander who was trying to flee the risky pursuit’s finish when he refused to move out of the way. Adrian Cruz, the victim, was waiting at a signal in Hacienda Heights when the suspect traveled down Gale Avenue and south Hacienda Boulevard.

Before a police cruiser further slammed the stolen truck into Cruz’s sedan, the driver of the stolen truck bumped Cruz’s sedan. Cruz got out of his car and took a few steps before entering the driver’s side door again. He was then surrounded by deputies who took him to the ground and arrested him.

One of them crashed into my car and started firing shots right away, Cruz claimed. It simply sounded insane, like a battleground. Los Angeles International Airport, Here It Is He was held, according to a representative for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, because he wouldn’t get out of the way of the gunfire. Cruz claimed he was attempting to free his family from the vehicle and take them somewhere safe.

“I quickly exited the vehicle. My wife and my son shouldn’t be involved in that, “added said. “I was attacked by the police as soon as I got out of the automobile. Start beating me up and crushing me as though I were the person who stole the automobile.”

Cruz claimed that after handcuffing him, the deputies began dragging him around. He said, “It didn’t have to be that way. “I played no part in it. We were just onlookers stepping aside for them. Instead, they went and viciously abused me in front of my family and everyone else. That is incorrect.”

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