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A Man Was Detained in Vermont Last Week and Charged with Murder in Connection with the Concord Shootings

A guy who was identified as a person of interest in the shooting deaths of a Concord couple has now been charged with murder. Logan Clegg, 26, was charged with two counts of second-degree murder in the shooting murders of Stephen and Wendy Reid on April 18.

Clegg is considered a fugitive from justice on the murder allegations, according to the New Hampshire attorney general’s office in a press release issued Wednesday afternoon. He is set to appear in court on Thursday. Authorities in New Hampshire want to seek Clegg’s extradition to the state.

Clegg is being held in Vermont’s St. Albans on an unrelated fugitive-from-justice allegation from Utah. On Wednesday, his lawyers filed appeals requesting a bail hearing in that matter, which were denied by the Vermont Supreme Court before a Superior Court judge scheduled a hearing in a civil case.

Clegg was caught in South Burlington, Vermont, and imprisoned for seven days. According to investigators, he has been on the run for 15 months and has even flown outside of the nation. They claimed he had booked a one-way ticket to Germany and planned to leave two days after being apprehended.

After Clegg’s arrest, the Concord neighborhood may breathe a little easier. “You never expect that type of stuff to happen, and my grandmother has lived in this complex my entire life, so thinking of a couple that I may have seen over the years being slain was pretty unsettling,” neighbor Hailey Cantwell said.

A Man Was Detained in Vermont Last Week and Charged with Murder

Cantwell lives in the same building as the Reids. She stated that she moved in two months after the couple was discovered dead. Six months with no answers has put a nice neighborhood on edge. “As you travel throughout this village, folks will wave and converse to you,” Cantwell explained. People usually come out of their apartments merely to say hello.”

“If my wife walks the trails, I’ll join her, but I’m concerned since I’m 74,” said neighbor Ed Leifeld. Neighbors are hoping that the arrest will lead to additional answers and, eventually, help the Reid family heal. “A little closure, please.” “Cantwell explained. “It won’t provide them complete peace, but it will bring them closure.”

“There is some alleviation, but you have to live with it permanently.” “According to Leifeld. “The ache is constant.” Steven and Wendy Reid’s remains were discovered shot to death along Concord’s Broken Ground paths in April.

It is unknown whether Clegg and the Reids are related. The investigation team has not remarked on a probable motive. According to the Concord Police Department, the investigation into the deaths of Steven and Wendy Reid continues.

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