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A One-year-old Boy Died After Being Bitten by a Stray Dog in Noida

According to the police, a one-year-old kid who had been attacked by a stray dog at a Noida high-rise society in the afternoon on Monday passed away from his injuries at a hospital in the early hours of Tuesday. At approximately 4.30 in the afternoon, the dog attacked the youngster as his parents were working as laborers on a road inside the Lotus Boulevard society in Sector 100, according to the police.

After being brought to Yatharth Super Speciality Hospital in Sector 110, where he was pronounced dead at approximately 3:30 in the morning, the youngster was found unresponsive. “The parents kept the youngster nearby while they were working,” stated Rajneesh Verma, assistant commissioner of police for the first district of Noida (ACP-1, Noida).

At that time, the gate to society was wide open. The youngster was then mauled by a stray dog that had come inside from the yard and had caused significant injuries. According to the police, there was no report filed over the matter because the dog did not belong to anyone.

A One-year-old Boy Died After Being Bitten by a Stray Dog in Noida

If the dog had been a household pet, the owner may have been held legally responsible for the dog’s actions. However, because it is a stray, the relevant departments will be notified so that they can take action in the region, such as driving the dogs away or taking any other appropriate actions.

 While the police have stated that they have requested other organizations to help catch stray dogs, The arrival of the dog catchers was reportedly met with resistance from locals, who requested that they leave.  The infant, who had been taken to the hospital after being attacked by the dog and suffering critical injuries, as a result, passed away late last night.

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