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A Wrong-way Stolen Automobile Driver Causes a Devastating Pile-up in Chicago, Killing Two People and Injuring Sixteen More

Police reported that a speeding stolen car traveling the opposite way down a Chicago street on Wednesday night resulted in a horrible and flaming pileup that left two people dead and 16 others, including children, hurt.

Around 5 p.m. in Chicago’s Chatham area, the Dodge Charger attempted to rush through an intersection and crashed with seven different automobiles, according to the Chicago Tribune. The Dodge caught fire in the center of the junction, killing the two persons inside. The Dodge had been reported stolen earlier in the day.

As a result of the collision, seven children and nine adults had to be hospitalized. As of Thursday morning, the injured’s situations ranged from fair to good, according to the authorities. To assist with the casualties, at least 10 ambulances were dispatched.

The wreckage at the site comprised an automobile that had fully flipped over and many more vehicles piled on top of each other in addition to the burned-out Dodge. Speaking on behalf of the Chicago Fire Department, Larry Merritt remarked, “I’ve seen a lot of incidents, but this was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.”

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After a terrible collision in Chicago on Wednesday night, 16 people had to be hospitalized and two people were killed. Firefighters from ABC7 Chicago rescued hurt people from accidents. Firefighters at the site were spotted removing hurt people from the numerous accidents before transporting them to the hospital.
Citizen. The identities of the two people in the stolen Dodge are still unknown.

To allow for the removal of the two people’s remains, the Dodge is being transported to the Cook County medical examiner’s office. Police reported finding a “long-rifle kind of firearm” in the burning carnage. The fatal collision is still under investigation by the Major Accidents Unit of the Chicago Police Department.

The crash site made Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot “heart sick,” she claimed. Dodge Charger is stolen and on fire. At least seven cars were hit by a stolen Dodge Charger that was traveling the wrong way through an intersection before catching fire.

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