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According to Information Provided by Nisha Rawal, Karan Mehra Recently Requested Sole Custody of Their Son Kavish

Since the news of Nisha Rawal and Karan Mehra’s split became public in June 2021, they have been one of the most discussed couples in Tinseltown. After their nasty breakup, the pair continued to publicly throw serious accusations at each other.

Karan Mehra recently went public with his criticism of Nisha Rawal a year after they split, accusing her of having extramarital affairs with her brother Rohit Satia and of blocking him from seeing their son Kavish. Nisha Rawal has broken her silence on the allegations leveled against her and made some explosive claims about her ex-husband.

Nisha recently held a news conference in which she stated that she has not sought alimony but has instead sought child maintenance. She said that it was fine with her if Karan declined to cover the additional cost. According to what she said, “Karan has asked for full custody in his new counter-petition and wants me to pay maintenance for him and the child.”

The actress added that she had no problem with Karan having visitation privileges but that he must have full custody of Kavish. “Against him, I obtained an injunction. Since our fallout on the 2nd of November, he hasn’t looked back to see if Kavish needs anything, and he and six other individuals just showed up at our house without knocking.

At the time, I tested positive for chronic opportunistic virus infection. It was scary in a serious way. He shouldn’t have been inside the residence without invitation. I reported the incident to the authorities. Any time he wants to face Kavish, he can do so through the legal system. To be clear, I had no objections to his obtaining visitation rights, but he declined. He wished to have sole legal custody of the kid, “the woman declared.

She went on to say that she didn’t want to do any harm to Karan and that she wanted to dissolve the marriage with dignity because of the child. “Since a child is involved, I hope we can put this behind us and find a mutually agreeable resolution.

I would hate to do anything to harm Karan. If he wants to be happy, he should go enjoy his life and stop bothering me. There must be a meeting immediately. I have no desire to engage in name-calling. I have provided for my child and will continue to do so “Nisha stated.”

Nisha told Karan Mehra to “back off” and let her live a quiet life, and she provided evidence in the form of emails, screenshots, and a few recordings. What she actually said was “Put an end to this immediately. This is turning into a media spectacle and a courtroom drama.

Let’s act civilly and get things done. As though my existence were at risk. It’s time to stop doing that. My child and I are in danger, and I am terrified. What if he watches the videos tomorrow, or what if I leave the house and someone says anything to my son? As a final point, I’d like to clarify that Karan is, not me, the one who is playing the sympathetic card. If Karan Mehra is unable to contribute, I ask that you leave me alone so that I may provide a nurturing atmosphere for my future child. Leave me alone so I can enjoy life.”

For the uninitiated, in June 2021, Nisha Rawal filed a First Information Report (FIR) against Karan Mehra, accusing him of domestic violence and having an extramarital affair. Since then, they’ve been keeping their distance from one another. While Karan resides with his parents, Nisha and her son Kavish remain at their previous apartment.

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