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According to Officials, a Bus Accident in British Columbia Has Hospitalized More Than 50 Passengers

According to officials, a bus accident on Christmas Eve in southern British Columbia, Canada, has left more than 50 people hospitalized. According to the local health authority Interior Health, medical teams at three regional hospitals are treating at least 53 people. The collision on Highway 97C triggered a “Code Orange” response late Saturday, a hospital designation used for disasters or mass casualty events.

“At this moment, we are unable to share patient conditions,” Interior Health wrote in a social media update. “Every attempt will be made to connect relatives with patients as quickly as feasible.”

According to a joint statement from British Columbia Premier David Eby and senior government leaders, the tragedy occurred on Highway 97C-Okanagan Connector between Merritt and Kelowna. The location is approximately 100 kilometers (62 miles) north of the Canada-US border.

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“Our hearts go out to everyone affected by the crash, their loved ones, and the first responders and healthcare workers who are doing everything they can to treat people and keep them safe,” the statement added. At this time, the reason for the accident is unknown. Interior Health has set up an information line to help families find their loved ones who were involved in the disaster.

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