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After a Bar Fight and a Shooting in Collinsville, Two People Were Killed and Two More Were Detained

A police spokeswoman claimed that two men in their twenties were fatally shot following a bar fight in downtown Collinsville less than an hour into 2023. Ricardo Correa, 20, of Collinsville, and Rodolfo Torres-Granado, 24, of Granite City, were the victims.

The gunshot that killed the two guys took place less than a block away from Sloan’s Pub House, where witnesses said the fight started. Around 1 a.m. Sunday, the Collinsville Police Department received a 911 call reporting gunshots fired in a parking lot behind 103 W. Main St.

Officers on the scene grabbed two males and began performing CPR on the two victims who had been hit by gunshots and were unresponsive. The shooting victims were eventually pronounced dead at the scene by the Madison County Coroner’s office, according to police.

According to witnesses, a fight broke out between a group of men and a solitary man in Sloan’s Pub house. The two parties were ultimately separated, but the argument resurfaced in the parking lot north of the pub, according to witnesses.

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According to authorities, the disagreeing party, which included the victims, left their automobiles armed with pistols and approached a Dodge Charger where the man and lady were parked. The Dodge Charger driver then fired several shots from his own gun, striking the victims Correa and Torres-Granado.

There are two people in custody: one from the group and the shooter. At this moment, neither has been charged, and their names have not been revealed. The Crime Site Services Division of the Illinois State Police came and processed the scene. According to police, the inquiry is ongoing.

Anyone who saw this incident and was not contacted or interviewed by the Collinsville Police Department early Sunday morning is invited to contact Lt. Eric Owen, the department’s Investigations Commander, at 618-344-2131.

When additional information becomes available, this breaking news article will be updated. Resources for crime victims include: 5 On Your Side has developed a list of options if you have been a victim of a crime or know someone who has.

Better Family Life is a community development nonprofit that works to “stabilize inner-city neighborhoods.” One component of its purpose is a de-escalation program for gun violence. Life Outside of Violence “assists persons who have been harmed by a stabbing, shooting, or attack in receiving the care, support, and resources they require to find alternatives to ending the cycle of violence.”

The Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis operates a crime-prevention program called the “Safety Net for Adolescents Initiative,” which is a collaboration with St. Louis Public Schools to give services to at-risk youth. Cure Violence is a global group that has lately expanded into a few St. Louis areas. Interrupters of violence are taught to de-escalate violent events in their local communities.

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