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After Barring the Press from Their White House Wedding, Naomi and Jill Biden Receive a Vogue Feature

Just days after keeping the press out of Naomi’s White House wedding, first lady Jill Biden and the first grandchild Naomi Biden grace the latest edition of Vogue. This is a significant departure from previous practice. After Barring the Press from Their White House Wedding, Naomi and Jill Biden Receive a Vogue Feature.

On Saturday, in front of 250 family members and friends, the eldest granddaughter of President Biden—whose father is the first son embroiled in scandal—married Peter Neal, 25, on the South Lawn. After media outlets were forbidden from covering the extravagant wedding, Vogue released an exclusive story on the couple on Tuesday. It included a number of stunning images of Jill and Naomi that were taken in advance of the big event.

We always thought we would get married in someone’s backyard because we are so close to our families. The backyard of Peter’s family in Jackson, Wyoming, or their home in Wilmington, I believe, if my father weren’t president,” Naomi told the magazine.

She continued, “There’s simply so much history and beauty in this building, and we really wanted to honor that.” The warm profile was released just days after White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, to the dismay of the packed media pack, warned reporters that there was a prohibition being put in place for coverage of the ceremony and evening reception.

Jill Biden and Naomi in Vogue. After her weekend wedding at the White House, first lady Jill Biden and her oldest grandchild, Naomi, made an appearance in Vogue on Tuesday. Norman Roy, Jean. According to Jean-Pierre, “Naomi and Peter [Neal] requested that their wedding be closed to the media, and we are respecting their requests.”

We should be glad and joyful for them as they take this really crucial step in their lives because this is their wish. Jean-Pierre disputed on Tuesday that the publication had been granted exclusive access to the ceremony.

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“Vogue skipped the wedding… There was no press access,” claimed Jean-Pierre. On Thursday afternoon, “Vogue did a portrait shoot,” which was “embargoed until today to give enough time for the photographs to be in the public eye.”

“Looking at all of this video and images that we have of Tricia Nixon’s wedding, Alice Roosevelt Longworth’s wedding, and [first daughter Lynda Bird Johnson’s] wedding and the historic record that now exists because the press was let in and able to get a glimpse of it — why not just let the press in for a few minutes to have access,” NBC News’s Kristen Welker had vehemently argued against the ban Friday.

Welker clarified that this wedding was taking place at the homeowners’ home and not at a separate house. “I completely comprehend that. The location is the people’s home. It’s a lovely moment. It’s a happy time,” Jean-Pierre affirmed. “Yes, it is a family event. We will also adhere to Peter and Naomi’s requests.

It’s difficult to ask individuals for their social security number with their RSVP, Naomi said in an interview with Vogue on the security issues around the wedding. Aerial view of Naomi’s wedding at the White House.
In front of 250 family members and friends, Naomi Biden, 28, and Peter Neal, 25, got married on the South Lawn on Saturday.
In other parts of the puff piece, Naomi discussed her friendship with the first lady, who her grandkids refer to as “nana,” and she described how Jill had been “very active” in the wedding preparations. The menu was later adjusted to include chicken pot pie, one of Hunter’s favorite dishes, Naomi recalled, adding “I do know she lost sleep over the fact that I was intending to serve turkey sandwiches for the lunch.”

Jill Biden added, “Naomi has a strong sense of herself and had a vision for her wedding. It was great to witness her delight in every little detail. Naomi added that her grandma had advised her to maintain perspective while planning.

The day is just about Peter and me and being with the people we love, Naomi said. “She has really emphasized to me that every time I get concerned about wedding preparations to take a breath and remember that it’s just a day about us.”

She has given me a lot of advice on how to be resourceful and independent. But that doesn’t exclude you from being a selfless, deeply loyal partner as well. The 1,800-word story included only a few passing mentions of Naomi’s parents, Hunter, and his ex-wife Kathleen Buhle.

In Vogue, Naomi and Jill Biden. Naomi discussed her friendship with the first lady, who her grandchildren refer to as “nana,” and how Jill was “very active” in the wedding preparations. Norman Roy, Jean. The article also contained more details about the big day, such as how the newlyweds hosted a black-tie reception later that evening and a luncheon in the State Dining Room following the ceremony using white and gold presidential dinnerware.

Naomi had worn a Ralph Lauren dress with Chantilly lace for the daytime wedding before changing into a Reem Acra silk Mikado dress for the evening celebrations. However, a large portion of the piece was devoted to the granddaughter’s connection with her grandparents, including how Naomi and her future husband had relocated to a home on the third floor of the White House in the months before the wedding.

I make an effort to remind myself that this is the White House, but over time, it also becomes regular,” Naomi remarked. She stated that for much of her life, she had lived less than a mile from her grandparents. The two of us haven’t altered all that much, remarked Naomi. We lived so close together when I was in middle school, and they attended all of our school plays and sporting events. We continue to act the same way. This has always been the case.

In Vogue, Naomi Biden. The wedding spread for Naomi was posted online on Tuesday but will also be featured in the January/February 2023 issue of Vogue. Norman Roy, Jean. According to the White House Historical Association, there have only ever been 19 weddings held at the White House. One month after getting married in Texas, Jenna Bush Hager, the daughter of President George W. Bush, hosted a reception at the White House in 2008.

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