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After Five Miscarriages, Stefanie Preissner Announces the Birth of Her First Child

Aurora Preissner was born about two weeks ago to Ms. Preissner and her husband Noel. After five miscarriages, Stefanie Preissner announces the birth of her first child. Ms. Preissner reported Aurora’s early arrival through the emergency c-section in an Instagram post this morning. Moya Nolan is pictured.

Stefanie Preissner, a writer, has announced the birth of her first child and shared details about her “very painful” prenatal journey. Ms. Preissner and her husband Noel Byrne welcomed their baby daughter Aurora (or Rori) into the world over two weeks ago, and the Cork author expressed their joy. She did, however, mention her “infertility issue,” disclosing they had five losses since 2020.

The 35-year-old disclosed Aurora’s early arrival by emergency c-section in an Instagram post. Ms. Preissner, who is active on social media, went on to explain her lengthy absence, saying she reveals “a lot of myself and my life” in her work and on social media, “so it might seem strange that I said nothing for the last nine months.”

“This road has been really tough,” she explained. “We became pregnant for the first time in 2020 and miscarried in the second trimester. “We’ve had four additional miscarriages since then,” she explained. The Can’t Cope, Won’t Cope creator said she wanted to “reach out for the love that’s always there in this community,” but she “wasn’t psychologically able for the inevitable stories, advice, and opinions” that would come with sharing her heartbreaking news.

After Five Miscarriages, Stefanie Preissner Announces

When her baby journey had a “happy ending,” the Dublin-based author disclosed that she struggled with infertility and had “mixed feelings” about oversharing. Ms. Preissner went on to apologize to anyone who was offended or negatively impacted by her pregnancy announcement.

“I have mixed thoughts about sharing the struggle unless it has a happy ending. I’ve been watching pregnancy announcements and gender reveals for two years, and each one has made me a little nervous as I wonder what will happen. “I’m sure some readers will feel the same way about this post. And I really apologize

. I see you and understand your anguish, as well as your feelings of hope, fear, and wrath. I can’t promise you that everything will be well, but I can tell you that there is help available and that you should take advantage of it.” Ms. Preissner also expressed gratitude to the professionals at Holles Street National Maternity Hospital, particularly her perinatal mental health psychologist, who included her autism diagnosis into her care.”

“Being pregnant is an unexpected, chaotic, and sensory whirlwind for every woman,” she says, “but it’s especially difficult for autistic women.” “Without their care and support, I couldn’t have endured the pregnancy.” Ms. Preissner went on to say that she and her husband are overjoyed that their daughter has arrived.

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