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Alexandra Daddario No-makeup Ig Queen: Snapped an Instagram Selfie, and Now the World is Going Crazy

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While in Paris for Fashion Week (because who isn’t there, RN? ), Alexandra Daddario posted beautiful photos and videos on Instagram. In her most recent post, we see the actress without any cosmetic enhancements and with a pleasant surprise in the backdrop.

There is a picture of Alexandra floating around the internet with her hair in waves and no makeup on her face. She has flawless, radiant skin and looks stunning. However, if you look closely, you can also make out her naked image in a mirror in the backdrop.

“Chopin,” she stated plainly in the caption. People were mildly alarmed by the situation. Someone said, “Whoa the reflection.” Everyone else also got to work, leaving Alexandra with many flaming emojis, loves, and stars.

Yes, but let’s discuss your skin. In an interview with Vogue last year, Alexandra said she begins each skincare regimen with two masks: a glycolic-acid puree mask followed by a hydrating sheet mask. After that, she uses a serum from Vintner’s Daughter, which she began taking in 2017 while filming Baywatch. She claimed that “it was the only item that helped” in treating acne. Read more: Blake Griffin Madison Beer: Blake Griffin ‘hooked Up’ With Madison Beer 1 Month After Dinner Date

In the same interview with InStyle, Alexandra praised the vitamin C serum from TruSkin, saying, “I use a vitamin C serum, which I’ve only recently begun using,” and calling it “amazing” for preventing breakouts caused by wearing too much makeup or being under too much stress.

Alexandra Daddario No-Makeup IG Queen
Alexandra Daddario No-Makeup IG Queen

Alexandra told Vogue, “Part of my skincare routine involves the ritual of going to yoga and de-stressing and meditating and going to acupuncture. I think it’s imperative to take care of yourself, learn to love yourself, love your skin the way it is, and keep yourself balanced. I think that all ends up helping every aspect of your health, including your skin.” Read more: Photos: 4 Killed After Deadly Drone Attacks Strikes Ukraine’s Capital Kyiv!

So, Alexandra focuses on her strength goals to keep strong and active. “I’ve discovered that my body recovers faster and responds better if I’m in tune with myself and can be in nature,” she told Women’s Health.

In addition, she makes an effort to eat healthily. She told WH that her daily routine begins with a cappuccino made with almond or oat milk and continues with either yogurt and fruit or egg whites with spinach and toast for breakfast. Read more: The Real Story of Cillian Murphy’s Wife

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