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Alia Bhatt Was So Captivated by the Celebrations of Her New Motherhood That She Had Trouble Focusing on Her Work

Alia Bhatt announced her pregnancy on social media back in June, and ever since then, the actress has been getting a lot of attention for the same reason.
The actress from “Brahmastra” is doing all in her power to showcase her pregnancy, including wearing maternity clothing and footwear and developing her brand of maternity gear. She is doing this to talk about her pregnancy when attending promotional events or award ceremonies.

The actor is frequently seen singing her favorite song, “Kesariya,” and sharing her experiences with the audience.

The actress noted more recently during the acceptance speech after being honored with the Time100 Impact award how the baby “relentlessly kicked” her during her speech. This occurred after she was given the prize.

She also discussed it at length during the promotional events for her recent projects, such as ‘Darlings’ and ‘Brahmastra: Part One – Shiva,’ which were held in recent years. It would appear that Alia, who is expecting her first child, is deeply passionate about both of these subjects; as a result, she is more inclined to talk about how she feels about them.

In September, she was seen in Hyderabad attending a promotional event for her film “Brahmastra,” when she was seen wearing a pink sharara. However, what she intended to accomplish was to bring attention to a message that was inscribed on it. To do this, she faced the audience with her back turned so that they could read the phrase “baby on board” printed on her back.

Alia Bhatt Was So Captivated by the Celebrations
Alia Bhatt Was So Captivated by the Celebrations

In Telugu, she also sang “Kesariya,” which is one of her favorite songs. The actress was also trolled by internet users for wearing heels during one of the promotional events for her movie “Brahmastra.” Many internet users gave the actress the advice to stop wearing heels because they are dangerous and told her not to feel insecure about her height while she was posing for a picture with Ranbir.

Recently, she also posted images of her maternity clothing collection on the Instagram name she uses for that platform. Those who take the time to look at it will readily be able to determine her fashion statement during her pregnancy as well as the amount of work she is putting in to make it evident to her supporters.

This might also be an attempt to demonstrate how expectant women can be trendsetters in their fashion circles.

Almost immediately after it was made public that she was expecting a child, the actress best known for her role in “Gangubai Kathiawadi” was spotted promoting her new movie, “Darlings,” in which she discusses the stresses that can be experienced during pregnancy and offer the valuable piece of advice to continue working even during this time.

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