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Alizey Fatima Has Definitely Put an End to Divorce Rumors with Feroze Khan

Feroze Khan, a talented actor, and his wife, who have a two-year-old son, have been in the news since word of their divorce leaked. For a long period, the internet speculated that the pair had split up. Aly, on the other hand, put an end to all the rumors after sharing a loving photo on social media with her husband Feroze and son Mohammad Sultan Khan.

“Home,” she captioned the photo. Fans and social media users filled the photo with prayers and love for the cute family, and they were relieved to learn that the divorce rumors were completely false. Earlier in 2020, suspicions about the couple’s partying tendencies arose amid claims that Alizey deleted her Instagram handle after Feroze Khan unfollowed her and her relatives on social media.

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Alizey Fatima

In a later interview, the Ishqiyaa actor addressed the rumors, saying, “I suppose I’ve never spoken about my family or family problems.” I’d like to remain calm and silent about this rumor because it concerns me personally.” He also questioned how someone could make such an allegation about his marriage when he has kept his personal life private.

“Anything or any rumor that gets out should originate from a reliable source.” I’d want to remind individuals not to sell their religion or honesty for a small sum of money. “How can you speak about someone or something you’ve never met?”The skilled actor also addressed the cheating allegations with co-star Hania Amir. He discussed how tabloids slandered the two musicians. Feroze Khan and Alizey married in 2018 and welcomed a newborn boy, Mohammad Sultan Khan, on May 3rd, 2019.

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