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Amazon’s Counsel Following a Driver’s Dog Attack Death is Ill-timed

Some Amazon employees, one day after an Amazon driver in Missouri was found dead from what appears to have been a dog attack, are accusing the firm of conveying an insensitive and inappropriate message in light of the tragedy.

Following the incident that took place on Tuesday, Vice News stated that some drivers received a message informing them to be “Dog Awareness.” In the advise, dogs are referred to as “our four-legged customers” and “Fido,” which seems to minimize the risk that certain canines can provide to employees who make deliveries.

According to reports, the message says something along the lines of, “We want to help ensure you aren’t surprised by our four-legged customers when on the route, so be sure to check the Amazon Delivery App for the paw print icon in the ‘Delivery Notes’ indicating you should ‘be aware of a dog at this stop.

‘” We’ll put a paw print there to let you know if we spot Fido close, so keep an eye out for it. Always get in touch with the customer to ask for assistance with the pet, or use the ‘Driver Support’ feature in the delivery app if you are unable to get in touch with the customer.

Message From Amazon Vice News

Amazon did not immediately respond to Engadget’s request for clarification as to whether the advisory was sent in response to the attack or whether it was drafted after the incident had already taken place. Engadget had asked Amazon to clarify whether or not the advisory was sent in response to the attack.

On Tuesday, the business confirmed to Vice that it was assisting local authorities in their investigation into the tragedy. According to a statement sent by the firm, “We will be giving support to the team as well as the driver’s loved ones. We are extremely grieved by tonight’s unfortunate tragedy involving a member of our Amazon family.”

The death of one of their coworkers, who is believed to have been the victim of a dog attack, has emerged as one of the most prevalent subjects of discussion across driver groups and subreddits. Vice discovered a forum in which a number of drivers advocated for a strike to take place on October 31. According to one of the respondents, Amazon’s approach to this issue “has been nothing short of insulting.”

Amazon's Counsel Following a Driver's Dog Attack Death is Ill-timed

Amazon has been called out on multiple occasions for providing solutions to worker safety issues that raised eyebrows. For instance, following the findings of a report in 2020 which indicated that employees working in the company’s most automated warehouses experienced injuries more frequently than their peers, Amazon announced that it would launch a health and wellness program rather than reducing productivity quotas.

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Amazon is most known for the Ring brand of doorbell cameras that it sells for use in home security systems. However, in the past year, the business has also released Astro, a monitoring platform that is mobile and cuter.

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Amazon introduced a number of new capabilities for the Astro robot on Wednesday. One of these new features is the ability for Astro to recognize when you have a real dog or cat in the room with it. When the Astro is “on patrol” around your property, a new feature that will become available later this year will be activated. When it comes into contact with your animal companion, Astro will record a brief video clip of the interaction and send it to you via Live View (part of the Alexa Together system).

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