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Angelina Jolie Divorce: Everything We Want to Know!

It’s been more than four years since Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie announced that they were divorcing, and there’s still a lot of mystery surrounding the conditions of their breakup. A short recap: Since 2016, Jolie has been fighting for exclusive custody of the six children that she and Pitt share.

In spite of the fact that neither she nor Pitt has discussed the circumstances surrounding the event that led to the end of their relationship in public, it appears to have been an argument onboard their private jet. According to Jolie’s camp, Pitt became verbally and physically abusive during the argument.

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However, Jolie contested the decision, reportedly arguing that the judge “failed to adequately consider” a portion of the California code that addresses custody and domestic violence. Jolie and Pitt have been in a contentious relationship since their split in 2014.

(This would presumably be the portion that says it is against the child’s best interests to provide custody to “a person who has conducted domestic abuse.”) According to Us Weekly, she filed an appeal, claiming that the judge “denied [her] a fair trial, improperly excluding her evidence relevant to the children’s health, safety, and welfare, evidence critical to making her case.”

She argued that the judge improperly excluded evidence that was “critical to making her case.” Now, the custody struggle over the children and the couple’s joint chateau has continued and is now ongoing. As you can see, there is a lot of information that has to be processed here. Are you prepared to go? Let’s dig in.

In September 2016, Jolie submitted her petition for divorce. When Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt in September 2016, essentially ending their 12-year romance and two years of marriage, she asked to have full custody of their six children: Maddox (now 19), Pax (now 17), Zahara (now 16), and Shiloh (now 14). (now 12). Jolie cited “irreconcilable disagreements” as the reason for their split, and from the very beginning, tabloid sources had a lot to say about the situation.

According to a story from the time that was published by TMZ, insiders close to Jolie have stated that she “got fed up” with Brad’s intake of the pot and maybe alcohol, and when combined with what she perceives to be “an anger issue,” she thought that it became unsafe for the children.

An instant denial of the charges was issued by Pitt’s camp, which stated on the website that “he is a loving and dedicated father who has never and would never put his children in any harmful scenario.” In addition, Pitt issued a statement that was addressed directly to People, in which he said, “I am really disturbed by this, but the well-being of our kids is what counts most now.”

Then followed the news of investigations into the alleged abuse of children. Within a matter of days, the focus of the headlines about the divorce, which was a true bombshell for the tabloids, shifted to reports that the FBI and the Los Angeles Department of Child and Family Services were investigating Pitt for child abuse in connection with an alleged incident that was said to have taken place on the family’s private jet.

TMZ reported that while Pitt and Jolie were flying back to the United States from France, they “began arguing,” and that Maddox “jumped up to verbally defend his mom.” TMZ did acknowledge that “the details of precisely what happened” were “murky,” but they still went on to say that the details were “murky.”

The gossip magazine continued, saying, “We’re told that Brad then rushed at the youngster, and Angelina leaped in between them to prevent her husband.” Angelina was reportedly trying to protect her husband from Brad. The relationship between Brad and his kid was repaired in some way. At the time, Maddox would have been 15 years old.

Angelina Jolie Divorce

When questioned by People, Pitt’s camp provided an alternative account of events. One of our sources confirmed that he “had been drinking,” and that this led to a confrontation between him and Angelina. Despite the fact that, as this individual noted, “there was a parent-child fight which was not handled in the appropriate manner and escalated further than it should have,” Pitt was still “emphatic that it did not reach the level of physical violence, that no one was physically assaulted.”

He did not in any way beat his child in the face. Yes, he placed his hands on him because the argument was getting out of hand and he needed to regain some sense of control. A second source stated to People that the claims of abuse were “a combination of exaggerations and falsehoods,” yet in the midst of this media battle, a court gave Jolie full custody of her children for a period of three weeks.

In the end, Pitt was exonerated by the investigations. A source described Jolie to Hollywood Life as “consistently nasty” and as constantly “trying to dodge the regulations.” At this time, attorneys are accusing Jolie of “chronic obstruction” about the chateau.

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