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Apple’s Profits Keep Rising Even as the Economy Fails to Boom

Apple’s Profits Keep Rising: Apple is one of the few IT corporations to announce a growth in earnings this quarter. Strong profitability and participation in new markets like India offer Maestri a bullish view despite global inflation challenges.

The Claim That Apple’s Profits Have Been Growing

Written by Nivedita Balu and Dawn Chmielewski

In this post, you find the reason why Apple’s Profits Keep Rising Even as the Economy Fails to Boom. As reported by Reuters: On Thursday, Apple Inc. posted revenue and earnings that were above Wall Street projections, making it one of the few bright spots in a tech industry ravaged by spending reductions due to inflation. More negative projections were made for the holiday quarter. Without giving exact figures, Apple warned that its revenue growth in the December quarter will be below 8%, although it didn’t go as far as Amazon.com, whose bleak holiday outlook knocked its shares down 14%. Scroll down to know more about how Apple’s Profits Keep Rising.

Apple stock dropped early in the after-hours trade but has since rebounded. As the iPhone faltered, the Cupertino, California-based tech behemoth was bailed out by its most established product line: laptop computers. Even while iPhone sales were lower than expected, they nonetheless set a new quarterly high in the September reporting period. The $11.5 billion in Mac sales crushed the $9.36 billion predicted by industry experts.

Despite the sluggish economy and strong U.S. currency, which have led to terrible reports from many IT businesses, Apple’s earnings showed some resiliency. Apple is experiencing a drop in advertising revenue, just like Snap and Facebook parent Meta. Apple reported a quarterly sales increase of 8% to $90.1 billion, which was higher than the average analyst forecast of $88.9 billion, and a net profit of $1.29 per share, which was higher than the average analyst estimate of $1.27 per share, according to data from Refinitiv. Read also:- Tech Nukti App Download Apk 2022! What Is Tech Nukti App?

Even though currency conversion was a major setback for us, we were nevertheless able to exceed expectations, as CFO Luca Maestri put it. Many American businesses, including Apple, have seen their global earnings decline as a result of the strengthening U.S. currency. It drives up the cost of consumer electronics purchased in nations other than the United States. Wall Street had predicted Apple would earn $43.21 billion in its fiscal fourth quarter, but the company only made $42.6 billion.

Apple's Profits Keep Rising
Apple’s Profits Keep Rising

According to Maestri, the September quarter saw record iPhone sales, with a growth of 10% compared to the same period last year and far over the company’s projections. Apple’s Profits Keep Rising.” The iPhone number is a sign of the upheaval and uncertainty in the market,” said Runar Bjorhovde, a research analyst at market research firm Canalys.  Read also: Technewztop App Download Apk Free For Android 2022!

The refreshed MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptops that Apple released this summer did wonders for the company’s Mac computer sales. Recently, new tablet computers have been released to the public. According to Apple, their gross margin of 43.3% in the September quarter was an all-time high.

Maestri explained the strong computer sales by saying they represented a backlog of orders that Apple was able to satisfy in the quarter due to an extended outage at one of the plants that build Macs. Sales of iPads were reported at $7.2 billion, which is lower than the median expectation of $7.94 billion. Sales of Apple’s wearables, including the AirPods and other accessories, hit $9.7 billion, above the $9.2 billion predicted by Wall Street. Read also: A 41-year-old Woman Discovered Dead in Her Roseville Home Has Been Identified; a Homicide Investigation is Ongoing

According to Carolina Milanesi, a consumer analyst at Creative Strategies, “they claimed they didn’t have particular trouble with supply, so it looks to be a thing of the past.” Revenue increased to $19.2 billion, below the projection of $20.10 billion, thanks to the company’s booming services segment, which has helped boost sales and earnings in recent years. Apple’s Profits Keep Rising in the future.

According to Maestri, the decline in digital advertising and gaming has affected Apple as well. A senior analyst at Investing.com, Jesse Cohen, said that Apple, like other large tech businesses, is feeling the negative impact of a worsening economic backdrop and continued supply chain issues, albeit it has done a better job of navigating through the hard environment. Read also: CDC: in 2020, Police and Firemen Had the Highest Covid Death Rates

Apple’s fourth-quarter sales were $15.5 billion, even though the Chinese economy has slowed dramatically. Sales increased from the previous quarter’s $14.6 billion to $18.4 billion. According to Apple, the number of paying customers for its services has increased to 900 million, from 860 million in the previous quarter.


Even though Apple was able to increase both its sales and its profit during the summertime quarter, “Apple’s Profits Keep Rising” which was a time when the fortunes of the majority of other major technology companies were declining, this does not necessarily mean that the company that makes the iPhone will be immune to a potential recession. This is a Summary of how Apple’s Profits Keep Rising.

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