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Are Atz Lee and Jane from Alaska the Last Frontier Still Together?

Are Atz Lee and Jane from Alaska the Last Frontier Still Together

Are Atz Lee and Jane from Alaska the Last Frontier Still Together

‘Alaska: The Last Frontier,’ a Discover Channel reality series, has captured the hearts of viewers since its debut in December 2011. It recounts the adventures of the Kilcher family at their homestead outside of Homer, Alaska, led by Atz and Otto Kilcher. Yule Kilcher and his wife, Ruth Kilcher, were the first Alaskan settlers, and their family lived in the area for over 80 years.

The show delves into how the family survives without the use of technology by hunting, fishing, farming, and preparing for lengthy winters. Atz Lee and Jane Kilcher are the family’s major members, and they have been actively engaging in the show since its inception.

Apart from their survival skills in the woods, their bond with the Kilchers and each other remains vital. Naturally, their followers must be wondering if the couple is still alive and well. If you’re curious about the same subject, we’ve got you covered. Here’s all we discovered!

Journey With Atz Lee And Jane Kilcher

Atz Lee and Jane initially met in Homer when they were 11 and 12 years old, respectively. The latter formerly lived in Anchorage with her family before returning to Homer, their hometown. Although they met at the time since they lived close, they did not begin a love relationship until much later.

Jane, like her ancestors, was a commercial fisherwoman who lived “surrounded by storms and men.” Meanwhile, Atz Lee, a former professional singer who roamed around the country with his guitar for a few years following his love, returned to the property and built his own hut. Surprisingly, the two were married to other individuals before they met.

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Jane married an Alaskan native, Dicran Kassouni, and their daughter Piper Isolde Kassouni was born in 2003. Atz Lee, on the other hand, was married to Nantia Krisintu, an MBA graduate whom he met while on business in Homer. The couple welcomed their son Etienne Kilcher in 2001 but divorced a few years later. Atz Lee and Jane eventually made their way back to each other and reconciled via their love of music, particularly the former’s harmonica tune.

On November 7, 2006, the pair married and moved into the Kilcher homestead with their extended family. As seen in the program, Atz Lee is now in charge of hunting and gathering food for the family to endure the severe winters when finding food is impossible.

Jane began using her abilities for fishing, hunting with her husband, building their cabin together, horse riding, and so on, after leaving her job as a commercial fisherwoman. However, the duo has experienced numerous hardships over the course of 11 seasons, leading fans to question if they are still together, and we’re coming to find out.

Is Atz Lee Still Dating Jane?

Yes, Atz Lee and Jane are still doing fantastically well together. The couple has had its share of difficult days, most notably in 2015, when the former was killed in a car accident. While on a trek with a friend, the experienced hiker slipped from a cliff in search of his companion and was gravely hurt.

He shattered roughly 26 bones and injured his lungs in the accident, but he healed over a few months. On Valentine’s Day 2016, the strong and lovely couple celebrated their ten years together with a vow renewal ceremony.

Surprisingly, many have trolled the pair, particularly Jane, for daring to share all sides of their lives on the show, both joyful and terrible. “I have to admit, I am astonished at all the vitriol towards someone who is so lyrical, non-judgmental, and honestly a person who talks from the heart,” Jane wrote in response to the criticism in a social media post.

Our show tapes us for almost 200 hours for a 42-minute episode… Our editors will never be able to capture all that happens in our lives.” Unfortunately, others have ridiculed the reality star for her appearance and rumors regarding their divorce.

Nonetheless, Jane has always dealt with these trolls with confidence, standing her ground and protecting herself and her family with pride. The couple is raising their two wonderful children, Etienne, 21, and Piper, 19 while keeping a strong connection between the four and others.

Although Etienne began appearing on the show as an adult several years ago, Piper has remained away from the camera, keeping her life secret. Nonetheless, we wish the happy couple further happiness and adventure as they continue their trip with their family with love and care.

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