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Are Carl and Lindsay from Summer House Still Together?

Are Carl and Lindsay from Summer House Still Together? The Bravo reality show ‘Summer Property’ follows a group of nine working professionals who share a luxury summer house in an East Coast seaside town. Every summer weekend from Memorial Day through Labor Day, the gang gathers at the house to celebrate and attend opulent breakfasts, galas, and get-togethers.

Each season has produced a number of intriguing couples whose spicy romances have piqued the interest of viewers. Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard are one such couple who has captured everyone’s attention. The two have been on the show since the first season and have kept fans interested in their on-again, off-again love. As a result, they want to know if their favorite relationship is still going strong. Thus, that’s what we know so far!

Carl And Lindsay’s Summer House Exploration

Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard originally met while filming season one of ‘Summer House’ in 2016. Despite being friends with Kyle Cooke, they first became acquainted fully when filming the first season in Montauk. Carl works as a business consultant and film producer, and Lindsay works in public relations.

During season one, Lindsay was seeing castmate Everett Weston, while Carl was dating Danielle Olivera before joining the program. However, Lindsay and Everett split after a year of dating, and Carl dated Paige DeSorbo briefly in season 3. Carl and Lindsay, on the other hand, became incredibly close friends throughout seasons 2 and 3. Fans were pleasantly surprised when the two appeared together in Season 4 in 2019.

Lindsay revealed at the BravoCon event in November 2019, “Yeah, we had a lot of fun this summer… But there were some mornings when I awoke thinking, ‘Uhh… oh my god. What am I doing? And what brings me here?” Carl and Lindsay’s romance, unfortunately, faded out soon after due to his commitment difficulties (that he admitted to on the show).

Carl confessed to Kyle in Season 4 Episode 5 that he no longer wanted to be with Lindsay. Carl later asked out his fitness instructor Sarah in subsequent episodes, and he and Lindsay realized that they were better off as friends.

Lindsay claims that she and Carl split due to differing goals and intense public attention. In the summer of 2019, she began dating Stephen Traversie, however, she remained close to Carl. She even defended him in a March 2020 Instagram post after he received negative feedback from fans.

Carl, on the other hand, lost his brother Curtis to mental illness and addiction in August 2020, when season 5 was in the works. Lindsay became a rock for him throughout that period. Lindsay and Stephen split up in the fall of 2020 after being together for almost a year. While Carl starred in ‘Winter House’ and temporarily became close to castmate Austen Kroll, he elected not to appear in the spin-off series and focused on his sobriety following his brother’s death.

Lindsay and Carl ignited suspicions of a reunion after they were seen wearing matching costumes on Halloween 2021. Furthermore, they were previously seen having fun together at Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula’s wedding in September 2021. Lindsay, on the ‘Reality Life with Kate Casey’ podcast in October 2021, disputed the rumors. Fans hoped that their favorite two stars would reunite, but have best friends Carl and Lindsay rekindled their romance, or are there holes in their equation?

Are Carl And Lindsay From Summer House Still Together?

Are Carl and Lindsay from Summer House Still Together?

Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard are, indeed, a couple. Lindsay acknowledged their connection in a January 2022 interview, saying they were absolutely dating but didn’t want to call their relationship just yet. “Time is a fascinating thing. When we tried to date a few years ago, we were in such opposing mental states. “I honestly feel like I attempted to suppress my emotions, but I don’t think those emotions really died,” she admitted.

Carl stated on the January 17, 2022 broadcast of ‘Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen’ that they had made their relationship official following his initial reservations. “This was the pinnacle toward the end of the summer, Kyle and Amanda’s wedding, obviously there’s love in the air,” he explained. That was clear when I felt some emotions, and I was looking at her differently. I was holding back a little bit because I was terrified, and pursuing your best friend is a scary thing.”

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Carl discussed his relationship with Lindsay in the same January 2022 conversation. “We’re incredibly thrilled,” he said. She’s my best friend; she has my back, and we respect one other, which I believe is essential in a relationship.”

Lindsay even opened up to Carl about her miscarriage from the time she briefly dated ‘Winter House castmate Jason Cameron in 2021 at the opening of ‘Summer House season 6. She explained that her uneasiness with the subject had prevented her from sharing this sooner, but Carl was still very supportive of her. Carl and Lindsay are currently in a wonderful place together, exploring and developing their relationship.

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