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Are Donna and Alex Still Together?

Tattooing has grown in popularity as an enterprise and an art form in recent years. Tattoo parlors are now a regular sight in most communities, and tattoos have become a popular form of self-expression. VH1 recognized this trend and created ‘Black Ink Crew,’ a reality show that chronicles the personal and professional lives of employees at a high-end tattoo shop in Harlem, New York.

In addition to serving famous clients, the show focuses on the employees’ interpersonal interactions and how these affect their daily life. Donna, a divorcee, was in a relationship with Moe when she met Alex, a new employee.

The two quickly became attracted to each other, and Donna ended up having an affair with Alex, which ruined her relationship with Moe. She did, however, end up with her newfound love, and the two had a lovely relationship. Nonetheless, their road together has always been rough and fraught with stumbling blocks, leaving supporters in the dark about their current situation. Let us find out if Donna and Alex are still together.

Donna And Alex’s Adventure With The Black Ink Crew

In season 6, Alex Robinson was a new employee at the tattoo shop when he met Donna Marie Lombardi and fell in love with her. Donna was in a relationship with Moe at the time, despite the fact that she reciprocated his feelings. Despite her relationship status, Donna had an intimate encounter with Alex in a lavatory. Unfortunately, their romance was caught on tape, and the iconic film was published, causing Moe to split up with his then-girlfriend. In an unexpected turn of events, Donna turned to Alex, and the two began dating.

When Donna and Alex moved in together, they anticipated that things would settle down. However, after repeated clashes and altercations with Donna, they were both dismissed by the tattoo shop owner, Ceaser. Nonetheless, Ceaser quickly reversed his choice after getting into a battle with Alex, which resulted in the latter suffering a major back injury. Unfortunately, the couple’s relationship was strained as Alex allegedly blamed Donna for the brawl that resulted in his disability.

However, Donna remained by her boyfriend’s side, and the two were able to iron out the kinks in their relationship. In season 8, the couple decided to take their love to the next level when Alex proposed to Jess while celebrating Walt and Jess’ wedding in Hawaii. Donna agreed, and the two were looking forward to their wedding.

Are Donna And Alex Still Together?

Yes, Donna and Alex appear to be still together. The couple appeared to be well on their way to marriage after their engagement. After the tattoo shops closed due to the Covid-19 lockdown, the pair engaged in other activities.

Are Donna and Alex Still Together

However, in July 2020, Alex made a now-deleted Instagram post in which he apologized to Donna for his faults and expressed his undying love for her. Alex, on the other hand, refused to explain the reason for the apology. With the ambiguous post-fueling speculations of their breakup, Donna wanted to clear the air and openly express her love for Alex.

The couple has had to navigate turbulent waters since then. They’ve struggled to communicate, and Donna even detailed their condition to VH1 in November 2020, saying, “We’re trying not to let the…you know, it’s been a lot of togetherness like a lot, a lot, a lot of togetherness.”

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So we’re trying not to be broken by it. And we’re good, I think.” Donna also disclosed in the same interview that while the couple worked things out, they had put their engagement on hold. The couple did, however, promise to marry in 2022.

According to their social media pages, the couple is still together, since they frequently profess their love for one other openly. They also have future aspirations, as Donna said in an interview in April 2021 that she and her fiance were intending to build a nail and tattoo store together. The way Donna and Alex climbed above their multiple challenges tells volumes about their dedication to their relationship, and we wish them all the best as they look forward to a bright future.

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