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Are Lindy And Miguel Still Together After Married at First Sight Season 15

Are Lindy And Miguel Still Together After Married at First Sight Season 15? Viewers who have been following the 15th season of Married at First Sight have been keeping themselves occupied by watching five couples spend time together after their first meeting at the altar. After the conclusion of filming for the show, many viewers are already curious as to whether or not one particular pair, Lindy Elloway, and Miguel Santiago, will remain together.

The fifteenth season of Married, at First, Sight premiered on July 6, 2022, and during that time, viewers were introduced to five new couples who were all residents of San Diego, California. Longtime relationship experts Dr. Pepper Schwartz and Pastor Calvin Roberson matched current residents of California Lindy and Miguel, as well as Stacia Karcher and Nate Barnes, Alexis Mitchell and Justin Hall, Morgan Bell and Binh Trinh, and Krysten Collins and Mitch Silverstein. In addition to Lindy and Miguel, these couples were also matched by Dr. Pepper Schwartz and Pastor Calvin Roberson.

After 15 Seasons Of Married At First Sight, Does It Look Like Lindy And Miguel Are Still A Couple?

In spite of the fact that some of Lindy and Miguel’s fellow MAFS contestants gave fans reason to believe that they wouldn’t make it to Decision Day, viewers overwhelmingly voted Lindy, 29, and Miguel, 35, as the season’s most compatible couple.

Lindy is a physical therapist, and Miguel is an associate medical director. Fans of “Married at First Sight” thought that Lindy and Miguel could easily last the distance as a pair, whether they were participating in exciting activities on their honeymoon or getting to know the families of each other.

People from different parts of the country spent the entirety of the 15th season of The Bachelorette guessing about how fan favorites Lindy and Miguel would handle the rest of the competition and life after the show.

Are Lindy And Miguel From The Bachelorette Still Together?

Lindy and Miguel made the decision to remain in a relationship on Decision Day, and they are continuing to work on making their connection stronger. Fans of “Married at First Sight” season 15 can find some of the cast members on Instagram, although this option is only available after the show has already been broadcast.

The couples were required by Lifetime to keep their social media profiles hidden until the end of the season, but now that the 15th season of The Bachelorette has concluded, they are free to share whatever they like. On Decision Day, Lindy and Miguel made the decision to continue their marriage, despite the fact that many others believe there are still problems in their partnership.

Are Lindy And Miguel Still Together

Lindy has recently shared a number of images on her Instagram account in which she is not seen to be wearing her wedding band. Many fans were under the impression that this indicated Miguel and Lindy had ended their relationship, but she later published another post with the caption, “In response to all of the inquiries, Miguel and I would like to respectfully request that you maintain our privacy as we continue to work through the challenges of our marriage.

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We have opened up about a great deal of our connection, and we are enjoying the tranquility that comes with not filming a television show. We are grateful for your comprehension, and we adore each of you.” Even though the cameras have been turned off, Lindy and Miguel still have a lot of issues to resolve before they can be considered viable couples for the MAFS.

They have worked to keep their relationship intact, despite the fact that it has not been an easy one. Fans of the show Married at First Sight adore Lindy and Miguel both as a couple and as individuals, and they hope to have a lot more to look forward to from this couple in the future.

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