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Are Memphis and Hamza Still Together?

Before the 90 Days, each episode of 90 Day Fiance seemed to wrap up with a happy ending. It appeared as though Memphis and Hamza were enjoying their time together, but do they remain together now?

Within each season of the 90-Day Fiance franchise, there are always a few couples whose happy endings we don’t anticipate seeing. Others, however, appear to be able to put their disagreements aside and cooperate in order to achieve their goals. We are rooting for some of these to be successful.

Memphis and Hamza had a lot of obstacles to overcome throughout the course of the fifth season of the reality television series 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. It was especially difficult for them when they couldn’t fully understand each other, but it was obvious that there had been a lot of lying going on before Memphis got Hamza in the beginning.

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However, they ended up getting married. And it seemed as though everything was going to turn out okay. Memphis learned that she was expecting a child at the same time that Hamza was in the United States filming the Tell All episodes. After then, rumors started spreading that the two were no longer together.

On this season of 90 Day Fiance, Memphis and Hamza are not together. It would appear that the two are no longer together at this point. On her Instagram account, Memphis shared a video in which she discussed breastfeeding; the hashtags she used revealed a lot of information. The fact that one of them was titled “Single Mom Life” gives the impression that she and Hamza have split up.

Hamza hasn’t said anything just yet. He has published photos of himself with his newborn, and although the infant is wearing a pink onesie in the pictures, this does not necessarily indicate that they have had a girl. Despite the fact that this is a strong possibility, the parents have not disclosed any information regarding the gender, name, or even appearance of their child.

Are Memphis and Hamza Still Together

The majority of the photographs they upload to Instagram are of themselves, and they unfollowed each other on Instagram around a month ago. The majority of celebrity couples from reality shows do this as a method to signal to fans that they are moving on with their lives. There have been whispers of the two parties going their own ways for some time, but neither one of them has provided any formal statement about the matter.

In the episode 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, what did you think about Memphis and Hamza’s journey? Are you taken aback by the fact that they appear to have parted ways? Please leave your feedback in the comments section below.

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