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Are Nathan and Holly Still Together?

‘Too Hot to Handle,’ a Netflix dating reality program, has captivated the interest of people all over the world since its debut. The show gets steamier and better with each season, thanks to the engaging concept and intriguing personalities of the candidates that appear on the show and are urged to socialize and build genuine bonds without any physical intimacy.

In season 3, the show introduced a crazy gang of flirting singles who ended up in paradise only to become entangled in a $200,000 celibacy challenge. Now that we’re aware of the events in this incredibly compelling show, let’s take a deeper look at the intriguing connection shared by the season’s most expensive couple, Nathan Soan Mngomezulu and Holly Scarfone, and whether they’re still together.

Too Hot To Handle Journey’s Nathan And Holly

Nathan and Holly had an instant physical connection from the first episode of Season 3 that they couldn’t help but explore on day one of their stay at the paradise retreat. The two made their intentions clear immediately after the introductions, and the flirtation was over.

They passionately shared a bed, made out during a wild game (before Lana’s sex prohibition went into force), and constantly remarked about how beautiful the other was. However, they quickly became the most expensive couple.

Are Nathan And Holly Still Together?

They couldn’t stop themselves and had five passionate kisses in one night, which cost the group $30,000. Things began to improve for the couple at that point, especially since they were breaking numerous restrictions while coping with a major personal crisis.

Nathan and Holly seemed to connect on a deeper level because of how much time they spent together and how loving they were. However, Nathan accepted date requests from new contestants while downplaying the conditions on all sides.

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‘Too Hot to Handle,’ Holly and Nathan. The reality strained Holly and Nathan’s relationship, but he drew her back constantly with his vibrant charisma. The pair’s excessive sex drive cost them $150,000 in total, resulting in Nathan’s expulsion from the program.

After seeing the regret on his face as he wished Holly farewell, even AI Lana softened and decided to give love another chance. He demonstrated in an intense one-on-one session that his bond with her went much beyond the sexual.

Are Nathan And Holly Still Dating?

They successfully maintained their relationship off-screen, demonstrating that what happens on the program does not have to stay on the show. Despite the COVID-19 issue, their romance blossomed. Holly traveled to London immediately after filming ended to be with her lover, Nathan, and they had a lovely time together.

All wonderful things, however, must come to an end. Nathan Soan Mngomezulu and Holly Scarfone are no longer together, which is disappointing for their admirers. They say that “love knows no bounds,” but the couple’s geographical limits got to them, finally leading to their untimely breakup.

In the Season 3 reunion episode, the former couple revealed the reason for their divorce. “We’ve kept really close,” Holly remarked. I adore our bond… We are considerate of one another. I believe it didn’t succeed.” Nathan and Holly split up after returning from ‘Too Hot to Handle,’ since it was too difficult for them to see each other due to COVID-19 rules.

Are Nathan and Holly Still Together

It was difficult for the two to keep going back and forth to maintain the connection, so they had to go their separate ways to live their different lives. They did, however, hint at reuniting; Holly said in the reunion episode, “We’ve remained pretty close.

I adore our friendship… We have a great deal of regard for one another. I wouldn’t say it was a failure.” They were also seen in each other’s TikTok and Instagram videos. Despite rumors of their reconciliation, Nathan and Holly are clearly on good terms, as they continue to follow one other on their social media pages. It should be noticed, however, that they have erased all images of each other, implying the end of the relationship. We wish the two every success in their future efforts.

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