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Are Rodney and Eliza Dating: Is It True or Not?

The relationship between Rodney Mathews and Eliza Isichei, who met on Season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise, got off to a good start but hit a significant snag not long after that. When Justin Glaze arrived at the beach, the only thing on his mind was Eliza; as a result, a love triangle developed. Now, people are wondering whether Eliza and Mathew’s love was able to endure or whether she made the decision to pursue a relationship with Justin instead.

The drama of Bachelor Nation! What Happened When Victoria Fuller, Johnny DePhillipo, and Greg Grippo Were Together? Continue reading to find out whether or not Rodney and Eliza made it through the drama that was caused by Justin.

Are Rodney and Eliza Still Together?

In order to pursue a romantic relationship with Eliza, Rodney chose to have fellow cast member Lace Morris eliminated from the competition. He explained to Eliza that he “didn’t want to lie to her, lead her on, or any of that.” It’s almost as though you could say that this is where my heart is.

Are Rodney and Eliza Dating Is It True or Not

Rodney and Eliza appear to follow one another on Instagram, which would seem to indicate that they are on good terms outside of Paradise. Shortly after recording the emotionally charged reunion special, the two of them featured in the same snapshot together at a party that Johnny DeFilippo attended on November 5 and published on his Instagram Stories. A large number of stars from The Bachelor franchise were in attendance. Are Rodney and Eliza Still Together? That’s the Question on This Week’s ‘Bachelor in Paradise.

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What Exactly Took Place Between Eliza And Justin Is Anyone’s Guess

Justin entered the room to declare his emotions for the marketing manager as Eliza and Rodney appeared to have evident electricity between them. “Both from what I’ve seen in her and what I’ve heard about her, these are all qualities that I strive for in a partner.

“When I found out that it was possible for her to be here, I made my way down to the beach,” the former contestant from season 17 of The Bachelorette said Jesse Palmer in the episode of Before the Bachelor aired on October 31. Later on, Justin was given the opportunity to have a direct conversation with Eliza, and it was during this time that he discovered Eliza shared his sentiments.

“I didn’t believe I could see anyone else going down those steps that I’d be interested in enough to talk to, but then you came,” the star of season 26 of, “The Bachelor,” said to the contestant. “But then you came,” Eliza told Rodney that she wanted to go on a date with Justin, and then she told him that she wanted Justin to fight for her a little bit more. This came after she told Rodney that she wanted to go on a date with Justin.

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She told the former football player, “I kind of want you to tell me you don’t want me to go,” and he responded, “I don’t want you to go, like, definitely, but that might be what’s best for you to genuinely achieve clarity. ” I hope that everything works out for you, and know that I won’t be far behind.

The Most Heinous Cheating Scandals in the History of Bachelor Nation: A Retrospective of All the Drama, From Accusations to Hookups Eliza told Rodney that she wasn’t sure about their relationship after spending time with Justin on their date. She told Rodney, “You really threw me off,” referring to his comfort level with her and Justin’s date, that she wasn’t sure about their relationship.

According to Reality Steve, Eliza picked Rodney as the recipient of her rose when it came time to hand it out. Nevertheless, it appears that she reconsidered her decision after taking Justin out of the room and telling Rodney that she “felt compelled to give him a rose.” As a direct consequence of this, Eliza and Rodney both left the program without a partner.

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