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Are Seb and Kayla Still Together?

Each season of Too Hot to Handle features one pair who are unavoidable troublemakers. Season 4 saw LA girl Kayla Richart and Scottish lad Seb Melrose break Lana’s rules as soon as they could, initially in separate flirtations before teaming up.

Kayla was all in on Nigel before he tried to juggle her with another girl, a messy decision that encouraged Kayla to give Seb a chance after the Scot fell in love at first sight. Seb and Kayla demonstrated their deep bond towards the end of the first five-episode drop when Seb rejected Flavia…and immediately broke Lana’s ultimate rule, having sex in the shower.

Following the hook-up, the pair was taken to the private suite to test their connection, and unexpectedly, they did not breach any rules! (Raise your hand if you were truly surprised.) For the remainder of the season, Seb and Kayla remain faithful, with Kayla rejecting Shawn in order to be with her guy.

They also manage to avoid any other rule violations after the $50,000 shower, developing their emotional closeness without focusing on the physical. Despite becoming finalists, the couple did not walk away with the remaining cash, but they did leave in an official girlfriend-boyfriend relationship.

Are Seb And Kayla Still Dating?

Are Seb and Kayla Still Together

It’s been less than 24 hours since the Season 4 finale aired, so it’s too soon to know if the couple is still together. They do, however, still follow each other on Instagram, and some light spying has unearthed signs that they may have seen each other after the program wrapped. Last summer, Seb posted photos of himself visiting Kayla’s hometown of Los Angeles, and Kayla liked one of the postings.

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They also went to London with the rest of the cast this month for some adventures and social media promotion. They allegedly both shared anecdotes about hanging out with the cast but not with each other.

Kayla hasn’t shared much with the other cast members on her regular account, but she did a video of a TikTok reaction to Seb and Flavia’s date, in which she lip-syncs to Brandy and Monica’s “The Boy Is Mine.”

While Seb hasn’t posted or commented on his or Kayla’s situation, he has shared multiple videos of his boys’ time with Creed, Nigel, and Ethan. He’s also been hanging out with Flavia and made a TikTok video for her account.

Creed appears in the ad, which appears to nod to the Peruvian actress’ two flirtations on the show, but viewers question if Seb and Flavia could’ve rekindled their relationship after the show. Only the eventual reunion (which is expected to happen shortly) will reveal.

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