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Ari Fletcher Denies Cheating on Moneybagg Yo, Reveals Recent Miscarriage

Ari Fletcher revealed on her cookery show “Dinner With Don” that she was pregnant with Moneybagg Yo’s child. Fletcher discussed a variety of topics, including the status of her romance with the CMG rapper and struggling with a miscarriage. Fans believed earlier this month that Fletcher was pregnant after Moneybagg Yo uploaded an image of a lady with what seemed to be a pregnant stomach. The now-deleted image showed the woman wearing a huge diamond ring similar to Ari’s.

Ari Fletcher confirmed her pregnancy, but they tragically lost the baby. “Yes. That was me, pregnant and holding my stomach like this — ‘Whoop!’ That was me.” She went on. “And regrettably, I had a miscarriage and – but yes, I did, I was pregnant, and I did have a miscarriage.” That’s all.”

She added, echoing a point made by her co-host, “God said not just now.” Most likely in the future.” She also stated that she and Moneybagg are still together, despite the fact that they split up weeks ago. “I’m content, paid, and single!” “Ready for everything new!” she tweeted a few days after being photographed with her beau at the launch of her make-up line.

Ari Fletcher Denies Cheating on Moneybagg Yo

“Yes, I did break up with that m*thaf***** because he had me f**ked up.” Fletcher, on the other hand, rejected claims of Moneybagg Yo flying another woman to Colombia or of adultery. Her Lamborghini pickup, which Moneybagg had given her for her birthday last year, was also repossessed in August, leading to speculation that the rapper had taken the vehicle back after they split up.

She, on the other hand, claimed that the breakup had nothing to do with those events. “It wasn’t about cheating. It had nothing to do with anyone else; it was strictly between myself and him.” Ari Fletcher has recently shared extravagant presents and flowers, probably from Moneybagg. For the time being, the hip-hop pair appears to be in good spirits.

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