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Who is Ariana Grande’s Husband? All About Dalton Gomez

Ariana Grande has been in a number of prominent relationships, but her union with wealthy real estate agent Dalton Gomez was remarkably low-key. The singer was caught kissing an unknown man in Los Angeles who was eventually identified as Gomez, over two years after ending her brief engagement to comedian Pete Davidson in 2018.

An insider revealed to PEOPLE in December 2020 that the couple started dating in January 2020 and frequently visited Grande at her New York City residence. She accompanied Gomez back to Los Angeles when he returned for work in March when the coronavirus outbreak struck the United States.

During quarantine, Ariana Grande and fiancé Dalton Gomez were able to get to “know one other in peace”: Source. The insider said, “It was growing difficult for them to see each other, so she decided to take her risk.” “In June, she made a home purchase in the Hollywood Hills, and she hasn’t looked back since. They are ecstatically joyful.”

They have kept their romance private ever since, with Gomez occasionally popping up on Grande’s social media pages. The pair announced their engagement in December 2020, and in May 2021 they wed in a small ceremony at their Montecito home.

Who Is Ariana Grande’s Husband?

After their wedding, a source told PEOPLE that “they’re a terrific match together.” “Dalton is incredibly reassuring for her since he is completely unconcerned by the extent of her fame. He is young yet wise, and he is aware of his goals in life.”

Gomez’s second source is as follows: “He works really hard and is quite determined. He is reserved and dislikes the spotlight. He is not impressed by famous people. He’s ideal for her.”Who then is Ariana Grande’s alleged ideal match? Here is all you need to know about Dalton Gomez and his relationship with Grande, from their dating experiences during the epidemic to their marriage.

Gomez is a Los Angeles real estate agent, not an entertainer like Grande and the majority of her well-known ex-boyfriends. He works with A-list customers in his current position as director of the estate section for the Aaron Kirman Group, a luxury real estate firm.

Gomez has seven years of experience in the luxury real estate market, and during his first three years in the industry, he worked as the director of operations for Aaron Kirman Group, “running all day-to-day operations for one of the top luxury real estate teams in L.A.,” according to his company’s website.

He is a California native. Gomez was born and reared in Southern California, however, it is unclear exactly what area he is from, whereas Grande was raised in Boca Raton, Florida. Gomez may not be as well-known as Grande in terms of mega-celebrity, but he undoubtedly hangs out with the same people. On his Instagram Story in 2017, Gomez posted a picture of himself hanging out with Miley Cyrus and other friends, along with the comment “Hoodlums.”

Although his Instagram account is private. Although the realtor had his own Instagram account, he kept it private not long after the information about his relationship with Grande became public. He and Grande may be seen in a black-and-white photo on his site, and Grande follows her spouse on social media.

He has several tattoos. Gomez loves body art just as Grande does. His enormous tattoos, some of which were done by his brother, tattoo artist Dakota Gomez, are what is most noticeable about him. Dakota has shown on Instagram the artwork he created for his brother, which features a Tibetan offering bowl on his forearm and three horses on his bicep.

The couple’s relationship was verified by PEOPLE in March 2020. The previous month, TMZ said that Grande had been seen kissing an unidentified man outside of Los Angeles; the publication eventually revealed that the man to be Gomez. According to a source who spoke to PEOPLE, Grande and Gomez have been dating secretly for roughly two months. The two were quarantined together in the singer’s Los Angeles home, according to a second insider.

“With pals, Ariana is staying at home. She has been with the same group of individuals for days and is quite serious about maintaining her distance from others “added the insider. “Dalton, who she has been hanging out with for a few months, is one of the individuals she is now seeing. Ariana is attempting to keep this relationship under wraps since she doesn’t want to have another public romance, but she appears to be content with Dalton.”

He had an appearance in the music video for the song “Stuck With U” by Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande. The music video for Grande and Justin Bieber’s duet “Stuck With U,” which was recorded on an iPhone and includes clips from fans and other celebrities when they were holed up at home during the COVID-19 epidemic, was released on May 8, 2020.

Gomez made a surprise appearance in the video just two months after their relationship was announced, dancing and hugging Grande. Through the First Responders Children’s Foundation, Bieber and Grande promised to use the single’s revenues to provide awards and scholarships for the kids of first responders working on the front lines of the epidemic.

“I’m not sure how to completely express it. I’m so glad we waited this long to perform the duet because, “Before the movie premiere, Grande posted on Instagram. “This particular moment means so much more to me than it ever could have if it had taken place differently or if another music had been playing. I really really love this song so much, and it has been very rewarding to be able to contribute our voices to this project and work together on it.”

After almost a year of dating, Grande confirmed her engagement to Gomez on Instagram on December 20, 2020. Photos of the pair and her engagement ring, which has an oval-shaped diamond and a pearl, were included in the article. The collection of pictures was titled “Forever n then some” by Grande.

A source at the time said to PEOPLE: “They are so thrilled that they could not be happier. Both sets of parents are joyful for them at this time.” Ariana Grande Shares Sweet, Unposed Photos of Her Family Life with Dalton Gomez: I adore these

Celebrity pals of the couple congratulated the couple on Grande’s tweet. “Best wishes to these two wonderful people. Ari, you are loved so much and we are very happy for you. You’re a lucky man, Dalton “Scooter Braun, the singer’s manager, made a statement.

He prefers to have a private connection with Ariana Grande. They were able to keep their relationship out of the spotlight since they initially began spending time together while secluded during the epidemic, something that both Grande and Gomez continue to be conscious of.

“Dalton is a wonderful man. He is quiet and completely devoted to his career “After the couple’s engagement in December 2020, a source told PEOPLE. “He enjoys making his interactions with Ari personal. They have had quiet to get to know one another.”

“The family of Ari is overjoyed. Dalton is beloved by everybody. He’s fantastic for Ari “said the source. “She has had a fairly calm and uneventful period in her life thus far. They are overjoyed that she will wed Dalton.”

The union took place on May 15, 2021. It was made public that Grande and Gomez, who were 27 and 25, respectively, had wed two days after their wedding ceremony. On May 17, 2021, Grande’s representative exclusively revealed to PEOPLE that “they got married.” “Less than 20 individuals attended the small, cozy event. The space was really joyful and loving. The couple and their families are overjoyed.”

Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez exchange vows in a “Tiny and Intimate” ceremony. The marriage ceremony was held at the couple’s Montecito, California, residence. “Ari and Dalton both adore Montecito. They are there frequently, “PEOPLE was told by a source. It seems only fitting that they would exchange vows at Ari’s lovely and old-fashioned home.

Grande posted pictures from their wedding day via Instagram on May 26. Gomez and Grande were dressed in special Vera Wang gowns and Tom Ford suits, and their home was decorated with candles and white flowers for the wedding. Additionally, Grande’s Instagram message verified that the wedding’s scheduled date was May 15, 2021.

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