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As an Expert Notices “Black Hands,” Vladimir Putin’s Health is Once More in the Spotlight: Report

Vladimir Putin’s health is once more in the spotlight as a specialist detects “black hands”: According to a UK-based Express story, President Vladimir Putin of Russia’s health has come into the renewed spotlight after images with odd marks and coloring went online.

It was identified as an intravenous (IV) track mark by many online users. Richard Dannatt, a retired British army officer and member of the House of Lords, discussed Mr. Putin’s health during an appearance on a Sky News show. He advised the publication to consider whether or not the Russian President is in good health.

Lord Dannatt informed the publication that “observant people are now observing that his hands are looking rather black on top, which is a symptom of injections going in when other portions of the body can’t take injections.” “It’s intriguing to take note of it and to observe whether he truly is as healthy and fit as he would like to appear. It’s an intriguing region to monitor, “Added he.

A US intelligence report from a few months ago claimed that Vladimir Putin might have an “advanced type of cancer.” The evaluation added that the Russian President had escaped an attempted murder in March of this year. Earlier this month, as many prayed for Mr. Putin’s health, he turned 70.

After the invasion of Ukraine sparked the most serious confrontation with the West since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, Mr. Putin, who became the Kremlin’s top official on the final day of 1999, is now facing the greatest challenge of his presidency.

Supporters claim that Mr. Putin saved Russia from being destroyed by an aggressive and haughty West. They claim that he has reclaimed influence following the humiliations the Russian elite endured as the Cold War came to an end.

But so far, his invasion of Ukraine has failed. As Vladimir Putin’s army has lurched from one humiliation to the next, Russia has lost a significant amount of personnel and equipment and has been defeated on numerous fronts.

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