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Asha’s Farm Sanctuary Owner is Charged With Grand Larceny of Cows!

On Tuesday, the owner of Asha’s Farm Sanctuary was arrested for not giving cows back to their owners.

Tracy Murphy, 59, from Newfane, was arrested for grand theft in the third degree (a class “D” felony).

She was brought before Judge Pamela Rider at the Niagara County Correctional Facility just after 6 p.m. on Tuesday.

The New York State Police say that on July 25, troopers from the Lockport barracks went to Murphy’s sanctuary to get cattle back from a nearby farm that had gone missing. Troopers went with the SPCA and the owner of the steer and heifer that were lost.

The State Police say that Murphy didn’t give the cows back to their owner.

To get the cows back and arrest Murphy, a warrant of execution to get the cows back was made.

The cows have been found and given back to the person who owns them.

After she was arrested, Murphy was taken to SP Lockport to be processed and then sent back to the Niagara County Jail to be arraigned in a centralised County court.

Murphy went to court with her wrists and waist in shackles. A legal expert told 2 On Your Side on Tuesday night that this is not the norm, especially for a non-violent criminal offender.

Asha’s Farm Sanctuary

Murphy said he was not guilty of third-degree grand theft.

If you are found guilty of the felony charge, you could spend up to 7 years in prison. If found guilty, there is no minimum time in prison, and the New York State penal code says that a first-time offender could get probation.

On August 4, Murphy will have a felony hearing in the Town of Newfane court.

Give Me Back My Cows

Scott Gregson, who owns the animals and works for the New York State Police, said, “I don’t know how they got over there.”

“My fence was secure, the electricity was on, and the gates were all closed. There were no hoof prints or droppings, so I don’t know how they got over there,” Gregson said, adding that the cows would have had to walk nearly a half mile to get to Murphy’s sanctuary.

Gregson said that when he found out that Murphy had them, he called her and “made plans to stop by her place on Monday to get the cattle.”

But Gregson says he called the State Police when Murphy wouldn’t give back the animals.

Ed Pettitt said, “This is about the rights of farmers to their land.” “Even though it’s on your property, that doesn’t mean you can take it. My neighbour spent a lot of money, time, effort, and care on these animals to get them to that point.”

Several neighbours along Coomer Road put up signs asking Murphy to give the cattle back to their rightful owner, Gregson. They also held a rally in support of Gregson getting his animals back.

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“All I wanted was for my cattle to be returned to me. I told the state police what happened, and they are now bringing charges against her. At this point, I guess it’s up to the courts, “Gregson said.

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