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At Alberton Railway Station, a Metra Pedestrian Was Killed by a Train Accident While Attempting to Cross the Tracks

In Adelaide’s northwest, at Alberton, a train struck and killed a woman. The person was attempting to cross the track, according to the police. The incident occurred before noon, and the line has already been shut down.

Today, police started a campaign to combat driving distractions. Just before noon, emergency services were called to the Alberton train station on the Outer Harbor line. According to SA Police, the woman was struck by a train that was stopping at the station as she crossed the tracks at the pedestrian crossing.

The 62-year-old Pennington resident passed away there. For several hours, there were delays in train service in both directions, but things are now back to normal. The incident happened just before Superintendent Bob Gray announced the latest transport safety strategy for SA Police.

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Tomorrow, South Australia will take part in a 24-hour nationwide campaign to reduce driving distractions. According to SA Police, distraction was the leading cause of traffic fatalities and serious injuries over the previous five years among the so-called “fatal five.”

According to authorities, distraction contributed to more than half of the 251 traffic fatalities between 2017 and 2021. Although Superintendent Gray was unaware of the specifics of the incident in Alberton, he reminded people to exercise caution not only on highways but also around railroad tracks.

People are weak, and pedestrians are a particularly weak category, he declared. “If you’re strolling close to a train track, you need to pay attention to your surroundings, be aware of your situation, and act correctly.”

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