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Should We Expect a Divorce for Aurora Culpo and Michael “Mikey” Bortone?

Aurora Culpo is best known as the older sister of beauty queen Olivia Culpo, but she also has a significant online following in her own right. The mother of two young children, she shares virtually every aspect of her life on social media.

Her readers benefit from the lessons she has learned from living, which they may then apply to their situations. She personifies the adage “realism wins hearts” in action. Her audience loves her because she is genuine, even though her content isn’t radically different from that of other influencers.

Is Aurora Culpo And Husband Michael Bortone Getting A Divorce?

Michael “Mikey” Bortone is married to Aurora Culpo, although current rumors suggest that the couple is divorcing. Her Instagram profile seems to allude to a fight between them, but it is unclear if they are genuinely breaking up.

It’s been a while since she’s released a photo with her husband, which may have piqued the interest of her followers. On the other hand, it could just be a coincidence. Given that the pair has made no public statements, we have few details to share.


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The report has come from nowhere but social media speculation and none of the reliable sources have confirmed it. We truly hope that the lovely couple is doing fine and that they can put this behind them and go on with a clean slate.

Aurora’s spouse Mikey is a well-known TV personality who gained fame through his role in ‘The Survivor. The 48-year-old male attends ‘Actors Circle Theatre’ to pursue a career in writing and acting.

Aurora Culpo Divorce

Aurora Culpo Sister’s American Airlines Clothes Controversy

Sister Olivia Culpo has found herself in a strange predicament at American Airlines, and it hasn’t gone down well with her sister Aurora. A fellow airline passenger summoned her to the gate and requested that she change into a blouse before boarding the plane.

Aurora was alarmed that her daughter would have to deal with the person who was uncomfortable with the cleavage show and instructed her to cover up. She makes fun of the airline and the passenger to defend her sister.

YouTube video

Aurora found nothing unpleasant about Olivia’s choice to wear a bralette and shorts with a long sweater.

She and her boyfriend, Christian McCaffrey, were on their way to Cabo San Lucas for a holiday. The happy couple’s momentum was halted as a result of this event.

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