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Austen and Olivia Still Together: Where Do the Pair Stand Now in Terms of Their Relationship?

“Austen and Olivia Still Together” This query is like wildfire on social media. Olivia Flowers, who stars on “Southern Charm,” claims that when she started seeing her boyfriend, Austen Kroll, in the fall of 2016, several people warned her to “run” away from him.

The current state of Austen and Olivia’s relationship

During the first season eight reunion segment, Southern Charm’s cast revealed that the romance between Austen Kroll and Olivia Flowers had reached a point where it was no longer blossoming.

It was none other than Austen’s exes, Madison LeCroy, who were the ones who triggered the reveal. She challenged him by saying, “Riddle me this.” “Do you guys have a relationship, or do you not?”

The first person to respond, Olivia, stated unequivocally that she and Austen are “not in a relationship together.” In the meanwhile, Austen offered some background information about the division.

As he turned to face the other actors in the production, he said, “Look at all this chaos up here!” “We both spoke about it and were like, ‘I don’t want to ever lose you in the capacity that we’ve seen our friends…’ or in the manner that me and Madison, we don’t communicate,” she said.

The conversation proceeded with Austen stating, “She’s like, ‘That would shatter my heart,’ and it’s true.” “You can call me a coward or any other freaking term that you want to because I didn’t take that jump, but that stuff terrifies me. I don’t care what you call me. It’s terrifying.

That is not to suggest that he and Olivia did not attempt to make the jump, though. According to what Olivia disclosed, “It was romantic for a time — especially when we were done filming, and we got to take advantage of that time by simply having fun and not putting too much pressure on the label.”

Olivia did warn that “nothing’s constructed in the gray region,” so consider that. “After some time, it just kind of eats away at your confidence and where you see things heading, and it kind of seemed like I was being placed on pause,” she said. “It felt like I was being put on hold.”

Austen and o Olivia still together
Austen and o Olivia still together

Olivia stated that she was “ready to be in a relationship.” Still, she also disclosed that the only time Austen was involved, she had some initial reservations about committing.

She told Austen, “When you came to me, and you wanted to be 100 percent, I was in a position where I was just psychologically f-cked because things with you were so complex.” “When you came to me and wanted to be 100 percent.” I’ve already told you, “I don’t see it with us right now,” but I assumed we’d get there eventually. You just stated, “OK, we’ll be buddies,” and that was that.

Andy Cohen, the show’s host, then pointed out that Olivia was technically the one who rejected Austen, but as she responded, “I was patient with him all these months when he was trying to figure out what he wanted, and the one time I needed him to be patient with me, he wasn’t.” Andy Cohen then pointed out that Olivia was technically the one who rejected Austen. It was simple as saying, “OK, well, I tried, and that’s all there is to it.”

For his part, Austen did concede that he “dragged his feet for too long” in responding to the letter.

Several of the former couple’s castmates have also shared their opinions on the topic. Among them is Craig Conover, who stated that he believes that “if it were meant to be, you guys wouldn’t have waited so long to commit.”

Who would you count among those who concur? Following that, Madison said, “Precisely.”

Austen and Olivia are dating history.

Since their initial encounter, Austen and Olivia’s relationship has been anything but smooth. On the other hand, the reality program catalyzed its official announcement this year. Relationship rumors about them have been floating about since at least 2021.

They’ve been working together on the Bravo show. Following that, rumors began circulating that they could be romantically involved. They rapidly became passionate about one another after going on dates and spending time together.

Austen and Olivia went on their first official date at Kathryn Dennis’ Great Gatsby party in the season eight opener. And he let Rose know how he felt about Flowers.

When his ex-girlfriend Madison LeCroy stepped in, he was already on the verge of losing it since he was out with Olivia. Before Olivia came into his life, Kroll had seen LeCroy for two years. However, their relationship finally ended.

This discussion centers on the nature of the romantic connection between Olivia and Austen. If you found this piece exciting and want to learn more about the pair, read on. After that, maintain your presence on unitedfact.com. To ensure that you are always up to date.

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