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Totally Comprehensive Account of Bad Bunny Encontrándose a Logan Paul en Puerto Rico

At the company’s “Cash Bunny” for his alleged usage of tax benefits in Puerto Rico. The allegations were made by Bad Bunny, Crown Jewel, Logan Paul, Triple H, and WWE.

Logan Paul’s Attempt to Deflect Criticism by Calling Bad Bunny a Hypocrite Flopped

After Bad Bunny released the music video for “El Apagón,” which contains a 20-minute documentary titled “Aqu Vive Gente” by Puerto Rican journalist Bianca Graulau, and has been subjected to a significant amount of backlash ever since the release of the music video.

The effects of Acts 20 and 22 on the process of gentrification in Puerto Rico are the primary topic of the documentary.

Because of regulations such as Act 22, non-residents of the United States who make investments can relocate to Puerto Rico and avoid paying taxes on any capital gains they make.

Paul’s choice to avoid paying taxes by evading them by living in Puerto Rico garnered a lot of criticism, and he attempted to divert blame by saying that Bad Bunny was a hypocrite.

Paul, 27, informed Philip DeFranco that the Puerto Rican artist is “privately taking benefit of the same tax scheme that he is publicly criticizing.” Paul’s statement was made in response to DeFranco’s criticism of the program.

His Fans back the Popularity of Bad Bunny.

The YouTuber also stated that he would want to assist the island in any way he could, but he acknowledged that pointing the finger at Bad Bunny was the worst thing he could have done.

Fans were quick to rally to Bad Bunny’s defense, arguing that the reggaeton musician is originally from Puerto Rico and is not eligible for any benefits under Act 22.

Bad Bunny encontrándose a Logan Paul en Puerto Rico
Bad Bunny encontrándose a Logan Paul en Puerto Rico

Paul is under the impression that the documentary “Aqu Vive Gente” included in the music video made him look like a “vulture.”

Paul remarked, “So, I see this music video that has trapped me in the center of it; that’s surrounded by the context that makes me appear like a vulture in Puerto Rico.” “So, I see this music video stuck me in the middle of it.” “Once again, even though Bad Bunny is one of my favorite artists, I am unable to condone the hypocritical character of his exploitation,”

Explanation of the Bad Bunny and Logan Paul Flap in Puerto Rico

After visiting Puerto Rico for the first time in February 2021 and “falling in love” with the island, prominent YouTuber and WWE wrestler Logan Paul revealed that he would be relocating to Puerto Rico from Southern California.

At the time, he paid $57,000 in rent each month for a house worth $28 million with 34 bedrooms, swimming pools, marble flooring, and other luxury amenities. During one of the episodes of his podcast, he discussed the change, and he said:

“I get the impression that a lot of people are thinking, ‘Why Puerto Rico?'” Like how random.”

In response, one of his co-hosts said:


Then, Logan came clean and said:

It’s only one. That would be vertical. It’s a significant one.

The music video for Bad Bunny’s single “El Apagón” was released in September 2022. The film also includes an almost 20-minute documentary by Puerto Rican journalist Bianca Graulau titled “Aqu Vive Folk,” narrated in Spanish.

The short video discusses the issues of gentrification, abandonment, and forced relocation of native Puerto Ricans as a result of Acts 20 and 22.

Wealthy individuals from other countries can receive tax benefits if they relocate to the island under these acts. As a direct consequence, native Puerto Ricans have been forced out of their houses and must now contend with higher living costs.

Because of this, the well-known YouTuber was featured in the documentary. In Dorado, Logan Paul relocated from a leased estate to a mansion that he owns on his own. The property in question is a beachfront villa that costs 13 million dollars and is located within the Ritz-Carlton Reserve.

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