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Hyunjin of the Band Stray Kids, Has Debuted His Shortest Haircut to Date; First, Let’s Take a Look

Since he joined the band Stray Kids, Hyunjin has been recognized for his impressively long hair; nevertheless, he recently surprised everyone by getting a surprising new short haircut.

The Lead Singer of the Punk Band Stray Kids Has Revealed His Shortest Haircut

Stray Kids’ Hyunjin revealed a new hairstyle only hours before the premiere of MAXIDENT. Fans were startled.

After considerable fan curiosity, the dancer unveiled a considerably shorter and blonder crop on October 7, 2022, instead of his usual extended, wolfish mid-length cut.

Changing hair before an album release is standard. Expected. It’s a new beginning. David Bowie, Madonna, Beyoncé, and Lady Gaga reinvented themselves. Billie Eilish’s bleach-blonde shag for Happier Than Ever set Instagram records. Later, she told Elle that she wanted “this record to have its own thing.”

Hair is essential in K-pop. Every record has a fresh theme or visual aesthetic, and hair contributes to that. Hyunjin gets it.

Hyunjin’s long, blonde ponytail became viral during “God’s Menu” marketing. His Studio Choom fancam had 4.1 million views. The “Psycho” stage cemented his character as “the blonde one” and won new followers. (Another classic fancam has 10 million views.)

In Life in 2020, he used pink spray color and shoulder-length blonde extensions. By the end of that year, he had colored it ashy silver, and in early 2021, he returned to his original hue after a brief chocolate brown phase. Over a year, he maintained his hair long, surprising fans at the group’s No easy promotions in September 2021.

He did it to complement his Artist of the Month performance. He remarked in a behind-the-scenes film, “I’ve shown many sides.” “I wanted to show inner hardness.”

Band Stray Kids
Band Stray Kids

Hyunjin’s craft includes hair. He’s noted for his expressive dancing. He understands it’s his trademark. He likes aesthetic literature. So it’s natural that he’d consider how to convey a fresh notion through his hair and styling visually.

Hyunjin grew his hair again for Stray Kids’ Maniac global tour in 2021 and 2022. In the previous six months, his hair went from brown to platinum blonde to red, honey blonde to dark brown to purple-ish brown. He moved from layers to a wolf cut with bangs. (It was his most delicate serve.)

Hyunjin’s latest Twitter-shattering appearance is a blonde caesar cut that’s gone through multiple colors. Perhaps the aim was to make him seem younger and more youthful. Love is on MAXIDENT. It’s campy and odd but robustly.

Hyunjin’s long hair lent us time. He’s too inventive and low-maintenance to keep that haircut. He raps the song for a purpose “Hairstyle and fashion… An extraterrestrial, I’m that brave,” on “Cheese,” He knows others are watching him.


YouTube video


He constantly has your attention, like it or not.


However, even though Hyunjin is well-known for being one of the male idols that have long haircuts, he just got his long hair cut short. His most recent official Instagram image shows him sporting a new hairstyle that is shorter, sleeker, and more angular than his previous one. He is also seen wearing a red suit in the photo.

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