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Becca Tilley and Hayley Kiyoko’s Relationship Timeline!

After years of speculation, musician Hayley Kiyoko and Bachelor Nation’s Becca Tilley finally announced their romance in 2022. The duo made their official debut at the release party for Kiyoko’s song “For The Ladies,” which features a cameo by Tilley in the music video. Throughout the event, Kiyoko drew the truth star onstage, where they had a hug and a kiss.

According to the singer’s Instagram, she and Tilley have been dating for four years and initially met in 2018. “This shot is from the first night we met at my Expectations album launch occasion, we took this photo after 5 minutes,” Kiyoko captioned a photo of the two smiling, Tilley’s arm around her waist. “Her shirt said ‘no time for love… it’s been 4 years.” “I’m sure she had a while.”

Although Tilley told PEOPLE she was single in 2018, she was hesitant to discuss her life with Kiyoko because of her previous public relationships, most notably her year-long engagement with Bachelor Nation’s Robert Graham. Nonetheless, the pair thought it was time to reveal their love to the world in 2022 – they had not before appeared.

“It feels so amazing,” Kiyoko told PEOPLE immediately after revealing her relationship with Tilley. “I mean, we lived a quite normal life.” It just did not exist on social media. We had a pretty open lifestyle. And we’ve been doing it collectively for four years, but now it’s on social media. And now we get to share with the rest of the globe. It’s simply been extremely great – we’ve received a lot of love and assistance.”

Keep researching for a complete timeline of Hayley Kiyoko and Becca Tilley’s relationship. Hayley Kiyoko and Becca Tilley first meet in April 2018. According to an Instagram post-Kiyoko made in May 2022, the singer first met Tilley in 2018 during the launch event for her debut album expectations. The photograph shows the couple smiling at the camera, with Tilley’s arm around Kiyoko’s waist.

Becca Tilley and Hayley Kiyoko's Relationship

Tilly admitted in an interview with PEOPLE that, while she is back in the dating game, she is keeping her personal life private. “My previous relationship was extremely public and on the market, and I’ve kind of gotten to the point where I’m like, ‘Am I able to keep things to myself?'” she explained. “So, on this courting approach and continuing by that once again, I’ve been seeking to retain it additional low-key… it’s been difficult, it’s a challenging place on the market the courting world.”

The Bachelor alum didn’t say who she was dating at the time, but she did say she finds it “endearing that people care and are truly rooting for me and want me to find love.” Becca Tilley congratulates Hayley Kiyoko on Twitter in December 2018. Tilley shared Kiyoko’s beautiful acceptance speech on Twitter after she received the Rising Star Award at Billboard’s Girls in Music Awards in 2018. “SO PROUD!” she said, tagging Kiyoko in the tweet.

Becca Tilley joins Hayley Kiyoko on tour in February 2019. Tilley was seen supporting Kiyoko on during the singer’s Birmingham performance in 2019. A fan filmed Tilley laughing and singing along with Kiyoko on her Encore tour in a Twitter video of her playing her song “Curious.”

Becca Tilley claims she’s keeping her relationship private until December 2019. Tilley explained to host Lauren Zima on an edition of Leisure Tonight’s Roses & Rose why she has kept her romance private. “It’s one of my things, and I feel like I’m very open about everything else in my life… “I share pretty much everything,” she explained. “My last relationship with Robert was extremely public, and it made it really taxing as soon as we broke up, just the stress of it, and I made a decision with this one that I do not need.”

“The people I want to know about it,” Tilley continued. I believe there is something truly unique that is solely ours.” Although she did not name Kiyoko, Tilley explained how important her friendship had become during a live broadcast of her podcast Scrubbing In with Becca Tilley and Ranya Rad. Tilley stated in the show that she was “95%” convinced she would marry her current partner.

Kiyoko and Tilley made their romance public after years of hints and speculation. Kiyoko staged a launch party for her new song, “For The Ladies,” on May 19, 2022, at Mickey’s in West Hollywood. While speaking to the group, Kiyoko requested that Tilley, who appears in the song’s bachelor-themed music video, join her onstage.

“Where is Becca?” Kiyoko inquired as she searched for Tilley. When the reality star entered the stage, Kiyoko handed her a “final rose” before they hugged and kissed. Following the event, both Kiyoko and Tilley made their feelings known on social media. Along with a tweet that read, “third time’s a charm. Tilley published a video montage of the couple on Instagram, writing, “It’s difficult to say if it’s a tiring or comfortable launch, but it’s a launch.”

In a photo carousel provided by Kiyoko, the singer shared a photo of the couple’s first date in 2018. “This photo is from the first night we met at my Expectations album launch occasion; we shot this photo within 5 minutes,” she said in the caption. “Her shirt said ‘no time for love’…..been it’s 4 years.” “I’m sure she had a while.”

Tilley said, “It was me manifesting in my own style… But I’m glad I found the time! “I like you a lot!” Tilley became tearful on her podcast over the experience just a few days after revealing her relationship with Kiyoko.“I used to be prepared for anything and everything,” she explained. “I was not expecting the amount of sympathy and help that we received.” As an example, I could not have predicted.”

Tilley also stated that Kiyoko made her “truly feel courageous” in her decision to go public. “She was always saying, people are going to love you, people love you, they always want to see you happy,” she explained. Becca Tilley claims that Taylor Swift was one of the first people to learn about her connection with Kayley Kiyoko on May 27, 2022.

On Scrubbing In with Becca Tilley and Tanya Rad, Tilley revealed that Taylor Swift was one of the few people who knew about her and Kiyoko’s romance before it became public. Tilley flew down to Boston at one point during their relationship to see Kiyoko perform with Swift — most likely when they duetted “Curious” during Swift’s Status Stadium Tour in July 2018 — and got to see the star in her dressing room after the show.

“When I became interested in it, I was, like, the first one who knew outside of my family and friends,” Tilley explained on the show. She also stated that meeting Swift was “like talking to a friend.” “I thought that was a really wonderful thing,” Tilley said, “since clearly Taylor Swift stans all the time.”

“It feels so amazing,” she said. “I mean, we lived a quite normal life.” It just did not exist on social media. We had a pretty open lifestyle. And we’ve been doing it collectively for four years, but now it’s on social media. And now we get to share with the rest of the globe. It’s simply been extremely great – we’ve received a lot of love and assistance.”

“It is overwhelming in one of the finest ways – I sense individuals’ love,” she concluded. And I believe that whenever you witness a love story that has been able to last… I believe that many people are surprised that we have been able to preserve it.” For four years, the information was kept private. However, I believe people are… it is actually nice that people care about my happiness, our happiness, and our connections. So it’s humbling and overwhelming in the greatest possible way.”

Hayley Kiyoko weeps when she recalls Becca Tilley’s bursting out a course of action in September 2022. Kiyoko became tearful while discussing the moment when the couple kept their romance private while watching her girlfriend’s scrubbing in the podcast.

“I used to be able to have a public relationship after we started dating,” the singer explained. “That certainly transformed once we were navigating her expertise de Ella and where she was at de Ella in her journey de Ella.” But it was pricey to me because I needed to be in a relationship with her, and I never felt like she was hiding me.”

Kiyoko began crying when discussing how Tilley has “been by a lot” that she hasn’t shared with her followers. “She deserves a lot of love, and everyone in my group, in our community, needs to be loved and accepted for who they are,” Tilley said.

The Bachelor alum also discussed her decision to go public, stating that she was in love with Kiyoko but was scared to publicize their relationship. “I never want you to feel hidden or as if you’re a secret, but this is my first time navigating it, and I don’t want to do it in public yet,” she explained.

“I am simply satisfied with how we are managing these tough conversations,” Tilley added. “I had my own issues going on, but I was so certain of her. It wasn’t because I had concerns about her or was ashamed of her.”

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