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Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor Have Reconciled, and the Actor Discusses Their New Home Life (Exclusive)!

As always, Ben Stiller maintains his sense of perspective. The director of Severance is overjoyed with how his life has turned out since he and his wife Christine Taylor reconciled during the outbreak.

Those things are no longer taken for granted, Stiller told ET’s Denny Directo. “I’m thrilled where I’m at in my life and the fact that we’re even able to be here together doing this right now,” he added. In the last several years, “everyone has kind of been in touch with a lot of stuff,” the author says.

After 17 years of marriage, Stiller, 56, and Taylor, 50, announced their split in 2017. However, neither party has filed for divorce. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Stiller moved back in with his wife and two teenagers.

Stiller’s father, Jerry Stiller, passed away in 2020 due to complications from the epidemic, thus there was some good news despite the tragedy. A few days ago, Estelle Harris, who played Jerry’s on-screen wife in Seinfeld, passed away at the age of 93. Stiller discussed his father’s relationship with Stiller’s Seinfeld co-star in an interview with ET.

The chemistry she had with my dad was wonderful, and I was just a fan,” he explained. They had such great chemistry together, and I knew he loved her very much. In his lifetime, my dad married twice. He was also quite cooperative with my mother, Anne Meara, and with Estelle. It’s sad since she had a unique and wonderful sense of humor. She made a lot of people happy.

Fans of Stiller’s Apple TV+ series Severance can rejoice, but they also have a lot of questions. The show’s first season, which featured Adam Scott, just completed, and Ben Stiller served as an executive producer. Stiller, who remained in the director’s chair, has appreciated hearing from fans.

“I’ve been very delighted to communicate with the fans, especially on Twitter,” he said. How they’ve responded to the show while it’s happening. Never before have I had the opportunity to create a series in which viewers were so engaged in the outcome and had so many questions about the show’s future.

‘Cause we put a lot of information into the universe and knowing that viewers are incredibly clever, he went on, ‘just the degree of attention of detail that the audience has. It’s great to have that sensation return.

Ben Stiller Divorce

Fans of the show may get to see Stiller in front of the camera during season 2. “It would be fun to be a part of this world,” he shared. “We’re thinking about it a lot. It was a major topic of discussion throughout the day. Dan Erickson, who conceived the show, had a lot of ideas that were laid to topics that were presented in the first season that we didn’t completely answer.”

Stiller’s high hopes for season 2 are exciting viewers. He predicted that the show will leave viewers feeling “content enough” to finally have their long-standing questions answered.

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I want it to be the kind of experience that makes people feel like they’re living in another universe as they’re having it. They aren’t getting the impression that random things are being tossed at them.

The pilot episode of Severance is available on Apple TV+ right now.

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