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Berserk Chapter 372 Release Date: Guts Hits Rock Bottom!

Berserk Chapter 372 release date is now the most searched query on the internet about this series, and it is only natural given how the most recent chapter finished with a side of Guts that we have never seen before. The gut is a fictitious character who has caused me the most grief. No other character even comes close to him. However, we had never seen him completely give up and rely on someone else’s words to steer him down the new route.

But, after more than 300 chapters of our main character’s suffering, it appears that the narrative is finally finished. Along with Guts, we received a peek at what he had gone through and the lengths he had gone to save those around him. Guts’ major goal has been to protect Casca on his own. Guts have given up and had the worst time of his life after not being able to land on Griffith, who unexpectedly appeared and took the most precious thing in his life.

We even witnessed him toss away his sword, the one item he never lets out of his sight since he has pledged to always protect those around him, and this blade is the one thing that allows him to do so. His relationship with his sword dates back to his youth.

Because, as I already stated, we have seen Guts struggle the most since his boyhood, and he had to rely on the sword to stay alive in this world and stop the demons from haunting him and his loved ones. Berserk Chapter 372 will be significant because we will not only see Guts having an episode and going up to get a ray of hope, but we may also understand why Griffith, who controls the entire nation, wants to do with Guts.

In addition, Berserk Chapter 372 will kick off the new arc, which will most likely focus on the nation of Falconia, so let’s go over the upcoming chapter in depth. We’ll try to offer you an expected publication date for the next chapter, as well as predict what will happen next in the future Berserk chapter. With that said, let’s dig into Berserk Chapter 372’s predictions.

Expectations In Berserk Chapter 372

I have a feeling the next chapter will continue with Griffith and the Falconia country and their development, which we have been anticipating for a long time. In the most recent chapter, we also notice that there is another general in Griffith’s army that appears scary, and we expect to learn more about them in the next chapter.

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Sonya, who is envious of Casca, will most likely question Griffith as to why he brought her if there is no purpose at all. If there is a cause, we can expect to learn about it in Berserk Chapter 372. But, I believe, Griffith wants to be even stronger, and hence he has captured Casca since he knows Guts will come after him and push him to his limits again, and no other demons or entities have been able to do so.

Let’s hope to meet Guts in the next chapter and see how he rises to the situation, as she heads to Falconia to save Casca. Unfortunately, these are just rumors, so take them with a grain of salt. Griffith and Casca’s Expectations in Berserk Chapter 372!

Berserk Chapter 372 Release Date

Berserk Chapter 372 Release Date

There has been no fresh announcement regarding the publication of Berserk Chapter 372. The series has traditionally struggled with delivering a new chapter, and we have no idea when Berserk Chapter 372 will be released. We can anticipate the chapter being released in early January or early February.

Where Can I Find Berserk Chapter 372?

The only official way to read the new Berserk chapters is to purchase the latest edition of the series from the Dark Horse Comics website. The volumes are available in both digital and physical formats. Whereas many manga-oriented bookstores carry the most recent issues of Berserk, and if you can find one, consider yourself lucky.

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