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Big Matt and Krystina Divorce: Explanation?

TikTok’s swinging specialty has been shaken by turmoil involving two couples, one of whom claims to have created the platform’s swinging trend, whose extremely public marriage breakdowns have drawn hordes of internet watchers.

SwingTok is a vibrant community of swingers or married couples that engage in sex with other people. This part of TikTok is dedicated to adult-themed memes and makes extensive use of upside-down pineapple imagery, a symbol for swingers.

In the park, two men and women embrace. This stock photo shows two men and two women kissing in a park. The scandal surrounding four “SwingTok” influencers shook TikTok’s swinger community. Mark and Krystina Bolin, a Michigan-based couple, were significant SwingTok influencers. The Bolins have been married for 16 years and have two teenage children who, according to their parents, are aware of and accepting of their parent’s lifestyle.

“I am the one who established SwingTok, who made SwingTok trend back in February of 2021 and prepared the road for all of these people,” Krystina Bolin told Newsweek. “That’s what I wanted: for us to all be able to come out of the shadows and say, “Hey, we’re swingers, and we’re tired of hiding in the shadows.”

“And now everyone has turned on me.” The Bolins were associated with another swinger couple named Matt and Misty, whose last names are not public, in August 2021. The four quickly formed a polyamorous relationship and began posting swinger-themed videos as “KM3.”

However, both spouses filed divorce proceedings this month in order to exchange partners. Krystina Bolin is dating Matt, while Mark Bolin is dating Misty. Krystina Bolin told Newsweek that the divorce papers were leaked before the Bolins were ready to announce their separation by a former employee who had been “stalking” and “harassing” her.

Tennessee Swingers Club was awarded $30,000 from the COVID Relief Fund Scheme. In a resurfaced video, Jada Pinkett Smith expresses her wish that she and Will were swingers. Over 200 people were arrested at a California Swinger Party.

The drama, dubbed “KM3 mayhem,” saw very public happenings documented by prolific social media posts and live broadcasts from all parties. Users on a variety of sites quickly grew engrossed in the couples’ personal lives, with many analyzing and taking sides in their interpersonal dynamics. Thousands of people joined Facebook groups dedicated to discussing the “KM3 disaster.”

Big Matt and Krystina Divorce

People who practice ethical non-monogamy, which includes swinging and polyamory, chastised the four for allegedly participating in inappropriate relationships, further stigmatizing the movement. Marriage breakdowns and permanent partner shifting, according to Krystina Bolin, are widespread in the swinger world, facts she feels SwingTok attempts to brush over.

“SwingTok is doing a disservice to the swinging community by misrepresenting our group and acting as if this doesn’t happen,” she told Newsweek. “Why are we attempting to romanticize the swinging community as if it were a flawless group when it is not?

“There is nothing ideal in this world.” Due to the demise of KM3, many TikTok users were introduced to SwingTok. TikTok @lizdamyl responded to a prompt inquiring about “one side of TikTok you’re not supposed to be on but you simply stay on” in a video that has been viewed over 417,000 times.

“I’m on the swinger side of TikTok, and things are getting crazy,” @lizdamyl explained to her 90,000 followers before describing the turmoil. The incident also sparked significant anger and abuse against those involved and their families, including unproven allegations of stolen heroism against Matt, who claims to be a Marine combat veteran.

Krystina Bolin, who earns a living through OnlyFans, had her explicit subscribers-only content hacked. Bolin stated in a TikTok live that she hired a private investigator to track down her harassers and had alerted OnlyFans and the FBI.

She then stated that the FBI and law enforcement did not take up her case. Other disclosures, according to Bolin, included her home address, social security number, credit score, and images of her children. She said that someone obtained her conservative father’s cell phone information and used it to send him pornographic films via her OnlyFans account.

According to Krystina Bolin, the hostility came mostly from within the SwingTok group, aided by personal contacts who turned against her. “It’s harming my mental health and honestly, it’s making me suicidal,” she explained. “It’s been quite difficult.”

Krystina Bolin and Matt’s TikTok accounts have been deleted, however Mark Bolin and Misty are still on the platform. Newsweek attempted to reach Mark Bolin for comment but was unsuccessful. Matt did not respond. According to Krystina Bolin, both couples are working through their divorces “quite peacefully.”

“We just had lunch with them a half hour ago, and our kids, we had Easter with them,” Bolin said, referring to Mark and Misty Bolin. “We all communicate fantastically, we talk all the time, and we’re basically just transferring families.”

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