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Bob Mortimer Was Recently Hospitalized After Admitting ‘he’s Not Very Well at the Moment

Comedian Bob Mortimer has stated that he was hospitalized for a period of time and has admitted that he was “not very well” during that time. During an appearance on Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Theatre Podcast in London, the British comedian discussed the health concerns he has experienced while also acknowledging that he is “not very healthy at the moment.”

Gone Fishing is a comedy show that airs on the BBC and stars Bob Mortimer and fellow comedian Paul Whitehouse. Credit to the BBC. The celebrity underwent triple heart bypass surgery in 2015, yet was nonetheless admitted to the hospital as recently as this past weekend. Two days after finishing the fifth season of his fishing show, Gone Fishing, the 63-year-old host found himself in a hospital bed. The trip to the hospital occurred not long after the show’s completion.

Even though it has been claimed that the celebrity has made a full recovery, concerns for their health continue to be a focus. He shared the following with the listeners of the podcast: “I did it [the fishing show] on Tuesday, Wednesday, and most of Thursday, and I was in the hospital on Saturday.” I sincerely apologize; I really shouldn’t have said that should I? It’s a huge blow to one’s spirits.”

Following the revelation that he suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, Bob went on to discuss another health concern in the podcast. In his address to the audience, Mortimer detailed how he had been given the diagnosis of the disease for the first time forty years ago. However, he stated that it had lately resurfaced after being absent for decades without causing any discomfort.

Rheumatoid arthritis is characterized by joint inflammation and stiffness, as well as episodes of intense pain for patients who suffer from the condition. Bob has admitted that he has had some health problems, including having three heart surgeries in 2015. Credit to the BBC and YouTube

Mortimer addressed the audience last night when they were recording the podcast, saying, “It is incredibly sad for me to know whether it will go or not. It’s possible that I’m overweight, but the truth is that I take steroids. In 2015, medical professionals informed the comedian that 95 percent of his arteries were obstructed and that he need emergency heart surgery as soon as possible. In an interview given earlier this year to The Big Issue, he disclosed the following information: “When I got home from being told I needed to have heart surgery, it felt so dramatic.” You believe it to be over now.

Bob Mortimer Was Recently Hospitalized

“Open-heart surgery just seems like… My favorite egg cup and my kittens were the only things that could bring tears to my eyes. It was quite strange. After four days, they began cutting me open. I was blocked nearly completely. When I found out that I needed to have open-heart surgery, that’s when I felt the most like I was going to die.

He went on to say that the sensation that predominated was one of terror. I had a lot of anxiety. I was able to persuade myself that it would be a radically transformative experience. Even though they gave me the warning that everyone else gets before an operation, I don’t think I ever seriously considered that I was going to pass away.

In addition, the comedic star disclosed in December of last year that he had trouble maintaining good food and exercise routines. The star of Vic and Bob admitted the following in an interview with The Independent: “I didn’t really look after my health before, and I’m not as healthy as I should be now. ” Some individuals appear to have the genetic predisposition for physical activity, health, and motivation, but others, including myself, appear to have to work much harder to achieve these goals.

He continued by saying, “I’m better than I used to be, but I get so bored with stuff.” I bought an exercise bike, but after using it for about four months, I just couldn’t bring myself to continue living. Even though the celebrity had to go to the hospital not too long ago, the good news is that he seems to be recovering nicely now. The most recent season of Gone Fishing, in which Mortimer is joined by comedian Paul Whitehouse, can now be viewed on the BBC iPlayer.

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