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Bonnie Rotten Files for Divorce from Jesse James Days After She Scathingly Accused Him of Cheating

Following the charges of infidelity that surfaced over a month ago, it would appear that Bonnie Rotten, age 29, has submitted a divorce petition against Jesse James, age 53. The creator of West Coast Choppers has not yet responded to the divorce proceedings in court.

Prior to their divorce, James was married to Sandra Bullock, an actress who has won an Academy Award. On November 2nd, the petition for divorce was submitted. According to RadarOnline’s claim, Rotten had lashed out at her husband on Instagram, publicly accusing him of cheating on their relationship.

This petition for divorce was filed just a few short months after their low-key wedding ceremony, which took place in Texas back in June. Not only did she accuse him of infidelity, but she also said that he was following his previous partners and other women. Jesse had previously responded to the claims with his own rebuttal, but he has subsequently solely made messages in which he apologizes for his actions.

After Sandra Bullock’s pregnant wife accused Jesse James of cheating on her, a picture of Jesse James doing the Nazi salute was made public again. ‘There’s no one else I could ever want,’ grovelingly confessed. Jesse James has denied having an affair with his pregnant wife. Bonnie Rotten.

The stories written by Rotten contained a number of statements that were directed against James. She explained, “I’m ten weeks pregnant, and we got into it the other night, so I had to leave the house.” He prevented me from doing everything. After that, she commented, “I see his page.

He is coming up behind us. His former girlfriend and a group of other women. Despite the fact that I’m pregnant, he chooses to treat me that way. The speaker continued, “THAT IS NOT A MAN,” before asking, “You want to ruin my life? Put me in a bubble, away from everything and everyone. Give me nothing to take with me. We will see. “Yeah, Jesse is quite preoccupied with trying to f**k other women while I am carrying his child.”

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According to the reports, James had given a response to these tales by posting a screenshot of an article that addressed each and every one of Rotten’s charges. He wrote in the caption, “Jeezzzzz my private life sure is interesting… Just like that, he was tried and found guilty… There isn’t a blazing gun, there aren’t any lurid texts, and there aren’t any other women coming forward? What the actual hell?

After that, he proceeded to apologize to Rotten on his social media platforms as well, with a caption that said, “Baby, I didn’t cheat on you I swear!! I am truly sorry that a fight broke out between us. I apologize for calling you an idiot when we were arguing with each other.

I am aware that that has just served to enrage you further and has not in any way contributed to the amelioration of the issue. It was out of line, childish, and immature behavior on their part. I’m very sorry for what I’ve done. Kindly take note.

Bonnie Rotten Files for Divorce from Jesse James Days After She Scathingly Accused Him of Cheating

I’ve never given any consideration to betraying your trust in me. I have never once considered cheating on you. There has never been a moment when I’ve considered cheating on you. You are the one and only person that I want all of the time.”

In the event that the divorce is finalized, this would be his fifth divorce overall. Karla James, Janine Lindemulder, Sandra Bullock, and Alexis DeJoria are some of the women that James has been married to in the past.

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