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Botched Season 8 Release Date Is Yet To Be Revealed! –

One of the most popular American reality shows portrays a scenario that is relevant to the beauty and cosmetics industry and illustrates the horrors that can result if something goes wrong. That’s what I was getting at, an unsuccessful plastic surgery that’s often referred to as “the nightmare of the beauty industry,” and that’s what the wildly popular series “Botched” portrays. The very much non-fictional show, starring Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif is an international platform that decodes the glamorous world’s non-glamorous results with the solutions prescribed by the doctors. Since the last 7 seasons, Botched has provided us with more than 114 episodes that have spread so much awareness about plastic surgery and solutions to many botched unsuccessful surgeries. In this way, Botched can be regarded as a show that exposes the nastiness of modern society.

Botched Season 8 Release Date

Botched Season 8 Release Date

Botched has now successfully run for 8 years, having 7 seasons aired all across America and maybe over the globe as well. However, the last season was paused due to covid 19 situations but we expect the renewal of new and more exciting episodes as soon as possible. The production team has yet to return to work after an epidemic has been contained, so despite the lack of any official announcements, we can only hope for a new season of ‘Botched’ to begin airing once the outbreak has been contained.

Botched Season 1 Release Date June 24, 2014
Botched Season 2 Release Date April 14, 2015
Botched Season 3 Release Date May 10, 2016
Botched Season 4 Release Date June 24, 2017
Botched Season 5 Release Date December 6, 2018
Botched Season 6 Release Date November 5, 2019
Botched Season 7 Release Date May 18, 2021
Botched Season 8 Release Date Not Announced
Botched Season 8 Release Date

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Botched Season 8 Story

Occasionally, the pursuit of absolute perfection may lead to a perfect disaster. If you don’t like the way you look, you might consider having plastic surgery or other fillings, which can be a risky option if done without planning. To help people in this situation, two of the most esteemed plastic surgery experts in the world, Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow, have teamed up to tackle some of the most difficult and nearly impossible operations.

All of these seemingly unfixable surgeries will be restored, adjusted, and fixed in each one-hour episode by these doctors. They will appear to be the only ones capable of doing so. Every patient’s every move will be tracked and documented, from the most intricate cosmo-medical procedures to the most rigorous post-surgery rehabilitation, culminating in the ultimate grand reveal. Through the eyes of this show, viewers will see society as it truly is, and will be able to transform their worst fears about plastic surgery into the best wishes they’ve ever had. Till the 7 seasons, the plotline has been as simple as that and have made this show one of the most celebrated one. But this season things can be a little modified, maybe some digital methods, especially zoom calls, could be used to pursue the social distance.

Botched Season 8 Cast

Botched Season 8 Release Date

For every 7 seasons, the Botched is having Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif would be the two main casts of their show. Maria Menounos and Heather Dubrow have both served as co-hosts on the show over the years, and we can expect the same or a few new faces to join them this time around. We could also get the show to be hosted by just these two professionals. Alex Baskin, Douglas Ross, Greg Stewart, Mark Herwick, Terry Dubrow, and Paul Nassif all worked hard to make this show one of the most popular on television. It was produced by Evolution Media and featured a stellar cast.

Botched Season 8 Trailer

‘Botched’ Season 8 Trailer can be considered as the most awaited show for the people, but no official release of the trailer has been found yet but we are hoping to get some teasers or sneak peeks within the end of this year.

Where To Watch Botched Season 8?

This season would be no exception to the past 7 seasons and would be available on E! After it is officially released.

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