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A Girlfriend is Killed by Her Boyfriend During a Scuffle, is Her Boyfriend in Custody

It is true about a boyfriend and girlfriend—those living together in a live-in relationship. Justin James Jarvy is 33 years old. He is arrested on charges of killing his girlfriend.

We find that a man is in custody in case of the murder of his girlfriend. Here we have answers about the reality of the ” Boyfriend in custody”

Mohave county sheriff’s subordinate answers a call. Which was from West 12435 South Street, Just west of autoroute 40. This call was a domestic violence call. When they went there, they found a woman with a man. The woman had already died, and the man was injured. It seems like it was a scuffle between the two of them.

After the investigation, the Investigators found more information from those who already lived there. Two other people live in the same area. They explain the whole scene.

They said that it all started when they heard a shout. From a woman, After they reached it, They realized it was a man’s voice. He was Michelle Bock Caswell, a 32 years old man. He was shouting for help. They asked investigators when they ran to the side from where the shouting sound came, and they saw the suspect on the top of Bock-Caswell.

They told investors there was Justin James Jarvy, who had a woman in a chokehold, and the suspect would try to stop him. Also, they asked they try to keep the girl safe from the man who was unconscious there. Bock Caswell scuffles with Justin to save the girl; meanwhile, he dies.

Investigators found Bock- Casewell was already dead when they reached out there. Justin was taken to the nearest hospital to be treated for the injuries which were he got while fighting with Bock-Caswell.

After Justin’s recovery, investigators took him into custody from the hospital, where he is facing a second-degree murder charge.

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