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What Was the Reason Brad Pitt Took the Winery in Retaliation for His Divorce From Angelina Jolie. All About Brad Pitt Retaliation

The conflict between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie over a French Winery has escalated from ugly to radioactive. A firm that Jolie formed has sued her ex-husband for an astounding $ 250 million, alleging that he and a group of friends undertook a cunning scheme to “take control” of the French winery that they purchased together and “Guarantee… Jolie would never see a dollar” of its enormous revenues.

In addition, the lawsuit alleges that it tried to use Jolie’s substantial financial stake in the winery to pressure her into signing a “Hush-clause” that would prevent her from speaking out about the events that led to their divorce and that Pitt wasted millions of the company’s funds on “vanity projects,” including more than a million dollars on a swimming pool.

According to court documents submitted on Tuesday in Los Angeles, the couple jointly sent tens of millions of dollars on improvements after purchasing the 1300-acre estate in the south of France in 2008. In this heated legal dispute with his former wife Angelina Jolie over the Chateau Miraval vineyard they jointly purchased, Brad Pitt is being sued for $ 250 million. According to the Lawsuit, Jolie and Pitt both controlled 50% of the vineyard through a managed web of holding companies, and “much of Jolie’s own money” was invested in it.

According to the report, the couple had an agreement that “The Maleficent” actress would be in charge of managing their charitable endeavors, including the Jolie-Pitt foundation, while Pitt would be in charge of managing the couple’s investment in Chateau Miraval. According to a business, she formed, According to company she developed, Pitt allegedly attempted to seize the winery from Jolie as payback for divorcing him.

Embarrassingly, the papers assert that despite the winery winning awards and growing to be a very valuable asset when it was in their control, “all was not well,” adding that “Pitt acquired a well-documented alcohol abuse issue.” It also brings up the infamous battle on a private jet in 2016, stating that “after a severe and widely reported altercation between Pitt, Jolie and the couple’s children, Jolie filed for divorce.

Nouvel, the business that Jolie created to keep her ownership interest in the winery, filed the complaint. Which she recently sold to the largest alcohol company.

It continues, “Pitt launched a sophisticated, multiyear campaign to take over Chateau Miraval and usurp the company’s assets for his benefit and that of his firms and cronies in vengeance for the divorce and custody procedures. His dual goals were to usurp the value of Jolie’s company, Nouvel, and to acquire sole ownership of Chateau Miraval. He declared himself the legitimate owner of Chateau Miraval.”

According to the documents, it improperly attempted to “block Joile and Nouvel from obtaining information about or managing Chateau Miraval” after the divorce was finalized. Pitt allegedly just operated the winery without consulting Jolie after the divorce was finalized. According to this Lawsuit, Pitt reportedly spent millions of dollars on “Vanity projects” at the mansion they purchased in 2008.

Additionally, it states that he “hatched and carried out a plan to covertly transfer assets from Chateau Miraval to firms owned by him and his pals, thereby depreciating Jolie’s investment.”

The lawsuit further claims that since their divorce, Pitt and Chateau Miraval s directors have “squandered tens of millions of Chateau Miraval s money on vanity projects that have little, if any, business justification, “including more than a million dollars on a swimming pool. Additionally, the lawsuit claims that “at pity’s direction, Chateau Miraval commissioned a single staircase at the Chateau to be built and rebuilt four times.

Pitt allegedly “ordered Chateau Miraval to spend ( a few million dollars) on rebuilding stone walls using stonemasons from Croatia.”

“These funds were spent over Jolie’s and Nouvel’s objection,” it says.

The pair wed on the estate in 2014, but two years later, Jolie filed for divorce.

According to the lawsuit, Pitt’s business associates Marc Perrin, Famille Perrin, and Miraval Provence, as well as Chateau Miraval directors gay Bradbury, Roland Venturini, and Warren Grant, were helped in the alleged chicanery. Nouvel is suing them as well.

Brad pitt retaliation
Brad pitt retaliation

Although Jolie was under no obligation to sell Pitt her investment, she promised to do so and engaged in months of negotiations. Close to an agreement, “According to the lawsuit, Pitt’s pride got the better of him and he demanded onerous and unnecessary restrictions at the last minute, including a clause that would have prevented Jolie from discussing the circumstances that had caused their marriage to end in public. Pitt tried to coerce Jolie into accepting his outrageous demands by using the knowledge that a significant portion of her money and liquidity were tied to her ownership of the winery.”

According to the documents, Jolie sold the vineyard to stoli in October 2021 “After Pitt ignored Jolie’s final offer to sell her interest on the identical conditions Pitt had Provided but without the Hush-Gag.”

According to the lawsuit, stoli was prepared to use its expertise and distribution network for Chateau Miraval, but Pitt refused to collaborate with stoli as an equal partner because he was “unwilling to share control.”

Over the property, the two have been embroiled in a number of legal battles for months. The most recent filing is a countersuit in response to documents submitted by Pitt’s attorneys. Three years after they started dating, the couple purchased the estate. in 2014, they were wed in a Chapel on the property.

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