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Brandon, Who Used to Be Married to Jen Hatmaker, Has Mysteriously Vanished. How Come? Is He Still Alive?

Jen Hatmaker is married to Brandon Hatmaker. They got married in 1993, and they now have five children. They also started the Austin New Church in Austin, Texas, and the Legacy Collective, a community foundation that works to find affordable housing, stop the trafficking of children, and give people health care, among other things.

After a few years of marriage, the couple will split up in August 2020. Jen had also written a sweet post about her marriage to Brandon and the time they had spent together just ten weeks before she posted about the breakup.

Did Brandon Hatmaker Cheat on Jen Hatmaker?

When a couple breaks up, people often wonder if one of them was cheating on the other. After Jen said she was splitting up with her husband Brandon Hatmaker, the same rumors started going around. Brandon hasn’t said anything about the split. Jen’s Instagram post, in which she wrote a long note for her followers, was the only place where the news got out.

Brandon Hatmaker Divorce

Jen told everyone about the breakup in an Instagram post. Jen wrote in the long caption that she is “shocked, grieved, and broken-hearted.” She didn’t say why or how the divorce happened, but she asked her followers to pray for her and her husband. She also asked the “intruder who takes pleasure in someone else’s pain” to stop being “cruel.”

YouTube video

In 2015, the couple and their children were on the HGTV show “Your Big Family Renovation.” The Hatmaker family fixed up and improved houses. Before this, the Hatmaker family was on the show My Big Family Renovation, which showed how they built their home from scratch. Jen has also written several best-selling books, such as For the Love, Of Mess, and Moxie. Fierce, Free, and Full of Fire is her new book.

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