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Brittany Mahomes Photographs Patrick and Sterling at a Pumpkin Farm

The Mahomes family is having a great time participating in some autumnal activities with their daughter. Brittany Mahomes published on Wednesday a collection of endearing family photographs that she and her husband Patrick Mahomes had taken of themselves together with their daughter Sterling Skye, who is 19 months old, on a pumpkin farm with some friends.

In the photographs, the expectant co-owner of the Kansas City Current showed off her growing baby bulge while donning an enormous flannel jacket that gave the impression of being comfortable. Sterling wore a pink replica of the flannel that her mother had on, and she complemented her outfit with a white beanie that had a sequined number 15 on it, which was her father’s NFL jersey number.

Brittany and Patrick, both 27, can be seen gazing adoringly at their son Sterling while they stand in front of an old-fashioned truck that is piled high with pumpkins in one of the photographs. In addition to this, the pair kept Sterling warm by putting her in a blanket with tan and white cheerful faces. The couple Brittany and Patrick are expecting their second child together, a son, at the beginning of the following year. Read more: How I Informed My Toddler About My Miscarriage and How We Commemorated the Loss Together

Brittany Mahomes photographs
Brittany Mahomes photographs

Brittany and Patrick, both 27, got married in Hawaii two months after announcing their engagement in September 2020, which was followed by the revelation of their intention to start a family the following year in September 2020. They became friends while they were students at Whitehouse High School, which is located in Whitehouse, Texas.

Earlier this week, Brittany posted a lovely snapshot of her daughter Sterling hanging out in her “favorite PJs” on her Instagram Story. The photo was accompanied by a caption from Sterling’s fitness trainer, who wrote that Sterling is “just waiting on her baby brother to be here to match with her.” In the photograph, Sterling was seen having fun with a baby stroller while wearing a onesie that has footballs all over it.

Brittany wrote in a recent post on her Instagram Story that she “cannot wait to add another little darling” to her family, and the post received a lot of positive feedback.

“Life is truly great when you share it with these two. There are moments when I feel completely overpowered and fatigued, but the presence of these two makes everything worthwhile “She wrote the caption next to a picture of the family riding on a private jet. Read more: A Man Was Detained in Vermont Last Week and Charged with Murder in Connection with the Concord Shootings

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