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Brittany Snow and Tyler Stanaland Are Divorcing After Two Years of Marriage

Brittany Snow, 36, and Tyler Stanaland, 33, are separating. According to a statement posted on Tyler’s Instagram on Wednesday, Sept. 14, the actress and her husband are splitting up after two years of marriage. “After much thought and deliberation, Britt and I have decided to divorce.”

“This decision was made with love and mutual respect,” he added. “We’ve learned that we need to take some time to ensure that we’re all living our most happy and honest lives.” We began this trip as best friends, and our friendship will remain a priority not only for us but also for our dog Charlie. We genuinely appreciate your support and respectfully request privacy as we embark on this new journey.”

Brittany Snow announced her divorce from Tyler Stanaland after two years of marriage. After much thought and consideration, Tyler and I have taken the tough choice to divorce,” the “Pitch Perfect” actress, 36, wrote in an Instagram post on Wednesday, accompanied by a black-and-white portrait of the couple.

“We made this decision out of love and mutual respect for one another.” “We recognized we needed to take some time to ensure we were all living our best happy and honest lives,” she stated. “We began this adventure as best friends, and our friendship will remain a priority not only for us but also for our dog Charlie.”

We really appreciate your support and beg for privacy as we traverse this new phase,” Snow said. Soon later, Stanaland posted a virtually identical statement with the same photo on his own Instagram page. The separation coincides with Stanaland’s appearance in the glossy docu-soap “Selling the OC” — Netflix’s “Selling Sunset” offshoot that chronicles the tumultuous lives of Oppenheim Group real estate brokers in or around Newport Beach, California.

Everyone who knows Tyler and Brittany knows she wasn’t happy with the show,” a source exclusively tells Page Six. “That’s why he tried everything he could to keep his wife and the show apart, but it only backfired.” The program basically destroyed their marriage,” a second insider says. Brittany was dissatisfied with what she witnessed.” Snow and Stanaland’s representatives did not immediately respond to Page Six’s requests for comment.

During an August interview on the “Reality Life with Kate Casey” podcast, the 33-year-old former surfer-turned-real-estate-pro stated why he wanted Snow off the show. “You won’t see my house, you won’t see my wife in this specific season,” he explained, adding that he “wanted to keep some portions” of his life “secret” when he entered the unscripted world.

“And maybe that will change as time goes on,” he added. “But for the time being, that was the one thing that made me feel safe embarking on such an unusual voyage. Notably, Stanaland, who will marry Snow in March 2020 in Malibu, has proven to be a desirable commodity among the women of “Selling the OC.”

Kayla Cardona, another agent, admitted to wanting to kiss him off-camera, while Alex Hall and Polly Brindle brazenly flirted with him throughout filming. For her part, Hall, 33, says she has no regrets about her dealings with Stanaland.

Brittany Snow and Tyler Stanaland”everyone who knows Tyler and Brittany know she wasn’t comfortable with the show.” However, Hall stated that “apologies have been made” since production was completed.

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