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Florida Police: ‘brutal’ Attack on Pregnant Lady Ends When Witness Draws Pistol

'brutal' attack on pregnant lady

'brutal' attack on pregnant lady

Deputies in Florida say a witness stopped a man suspected of assaulting and stomping on his pregnant girlfriend by drawing his gun on him outside a Publix supermarket. An arrest document states that the incident took place at 5:15 p.m. on Saturday, October 22 in the Largo supermarket parking lot.

The lady informed police in Pinellas County, Florida, that her 27-year-old boyfriend, Cole Danisment, had been violent and hit her many times in the face. Danisment is accused of stomping on her head and upper body after she fell to the ground. According to the woman’s statement to law enforcement, Danisment was aware that she was 14 weeks along when she became pregnant.

One witness claims he intervened because he was afraid for the woman’s life during the incident. The affidavit claims Danisment continued brutally assaulting the victim until the witness threatened him with a firearm. Read more: As debate Messaging Overlaps, The GOP Focuses on Crime: The Remark

‘brutal’ attack on pregnant lady

The assault left the victim “covered in enormous amounts of blood” with a potentially fractured nose. A no-contact order had been issued against Danisment after his arrest for domestic abuse a week before, but according to the deputies, this did not prevent his “habit of aggression” toward his girlfriend.

According to the complaint, he admitted to assaulting the victim but told officers that he “saw red” and “blacked out” thereafter. Read more:‘We’re All Very Concerned:’ North Side Residents Meet with CPD Following a Series of Violent Crimes

As of Tuesday, October 25th, according to public documents available online, Danisment was still being detained in Pinellas County Jail on a $20,000 bail after being arrested and charged with aggravated domestic assault. The distance between Largo and Tampa is around 20 miles.

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